It Grows

This is me at 19 weeks compared to 9 weeks (ie, nothing). It’s really starting to show! Last week two different people asked about it. It’s really obvious here, in something tight, and especially if you knew what I looked like before. I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses, and some of them sort of camouflage or downplay any belly, and at least one of them makes it pretty obvious. I guess from now on I’ll need to be ready for more comments from strangers.

It’s also strange that I can see the roundness from the front (just as bare belly). My belly button has been getting shallower for weeks now too, so the whole thing looks different. My whole abdomen feels firm, instead of just where my uterus is; I didn’t expect that. And it’s definitely firmer to the touch after I’ve eaten.

Last week I decided to keep track of my growth (too bad I didn’t from the beginning!), so here’s what’s happened so far.


Before measurements:

Chest: 34″ or so

Waist: 30″

Hips: 38″

Weight: 148 or so


19 weeks measurements:

Chest: 40″

“Waist”: 33″

Belly button circumference: 37″

Widest part of belly: 38 1/2″

Hips: 40″

Weight: 160

The belly button measurement hasn’t changed from last week, but in comparing the photos, there’s a noticeable difference, in the fullness.

I’m now comfortable saying that I’m feeling movement. There’s a fishy kind of swimmy feeling that I’ve sensed for a few weeks now, so I think that really is it. Tonight they must have been doing a bunch of somersaults, because it felt like things were rolling over and over in there. They are both about 6 inches long now, so I guess it’s not surprising that I can feel two of them moving around.

When I visited the doctor two weeks ago, she said I was measuring at 20 weeks (while I was at 17), so I’m not too much bigger than a singleton would be. I think overall I’m carrying on the small side (for twins, obviously! the twin standard is singleton + 7 weeks). It’s crazy to think how much will continue to grow and change for four more months!


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