Moving On In

Backing up just a bit, there was a big move! Our POD container arrived on Thursday midday. We weren’t able to schedule movers at the last minute for that day and we were leaving again the following afternoon. Happily, my mom and her friend came down to help us out. And thank goodness, because I was very nearly useless. The POD was unloaded in about an hour, and then everything got moved into the appropriate rooms in the house.

 Our empty living room:

And then with some piles of boxes:

 Our empty bedroom–it’s even bigger than our big room in Brooklyn!

 Office/Guest Room with the Expedit desk set up:

It was a really long, tiring day, even for me not doing that much. It felt great to get into our bed in our new house for the first time…but the bed was really uncomfortable. I realized that I hadn’t remembered or found the foam mattress topper that I usually have on there, which I figured was the reason. At the end of the weekend, I bought a new topper and when we went to put it on, we realized that the bed was upside down! The plush part is only on one side of the mattress, and the bed had been set wrong side up. Duh! It was so very more comfortable after that!

The next morning we refueled with my mom’s waffles topped with fresh blackberries. Delicious!

Our hard-working guests also set up our new media center, desk chair, and dresser.

Me finishing up the back panel:

It was a HUGE deal that they were there. It would have cost several hundred dollars for movers to unload the POD, and then we’d still be stuck with setting everything up. With my belly and my hands, I would not really be able to do much of anything to help, which would mean Andy would have had to put everything together and it would have taken like a week. Instead, we had almost all the big stuff up and ready within 24 hours. Amazing! We were and are so very grateful.

Now that we’ve been here for a couple weeks, and more boxes have been unpacked, things are starting to look more homey. Coming soon, photos of the rooms as they currently look!

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