32.5 weeks

Dear A and B,

First of all, sorry that we refer to you as letters. Also as fruit sometimes (thanks to those weekly emails that compare your size to produce). We do have names tentatively picked for you, but we’re not sharing those with anyone else. And really, calling you by actual person names is a little intimidating just yet.

32 weeks twin pregnancy photo

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that so far you are both A+ babies! First that you grew a lot between our last ultrasounds–over a pound each! At 31 weeks, A, you weighed 3lbs 4oz, and B, you were at 4lbs 2oz. The doctors are watching to make sure that your size discrepancy doesn’t widen. We’re doing weekly non-stress tests, where we track your heartbeats, and those have been great. We’re also doing weekly biophysical profiles, where they look for movement and practice breathing. You have both passed those ‘tests’ with flying colors! We are very proud of your achievements. πŸ™‚

Personally, I’m loving all this testing and monitoring. One of you is always quieter than the other, which causes me to worry. While we were on our road trip, A, you were really quiet, and B, you were having roller disco parties or something. For the last couple weeks, A, you’ve been super active, and B, you’ve been quieter. So getting to listen or see you twice a week makes me feel so much better that everything is going well!

A, you’re still head down, but B, you keep switching. Two ultrasounds ago, you started out head down but had moved to transverse halfway through the exam! At the BPP the other day, you were breech. Seems like there’s still time for you to keep moving/rotating for awhile. Both of you like to rotate your butts out so they bulge out my belly. Often you’ll do that at the same time and my round tummy becomes almost a square! B, you’ve gotten the hiccups a couple times, and I can actually see the little blips as well as feel them on the inside.

My belly seems to still be growing, though I’m still not very big compared to what I thought I would be. Partly because it feels like you’re growing upwards instead of outward, so I’m not as far out front as I figured I’d be. But people tell me that there’s still time for major growth, so I guess we’ll see. I do get comments from strangers about how big I am (PS–please don’t do that when you grow up), but I know I could be so much bigger, so I just smile a little and try not to roll my eyes too obviously.

It seems like you two can see and interact with each other in utero, which is pretty fascinating. There have been a couple times where I could swear that I feel you kicking each other. I tend to think of the membrane separating you as a wall, but apparently it’s more like a window. We plan to keep you together in a bassinet or crib once you’re on the outside, so that you’ll continue to be near each other and feel more comfortable.

Daddy likes to talk to you, and he always announces himself: “Hello, this is your father.” He wants to make sure you know his voice once you’re on the outside. When he feels one of you slithering around in my belly, sometimes he’s weirded out, because it feels so alien. We can’t yet feel or determine which parts of you are moving in there. Maybe that will become more obvious as you continue to get bigger.

We like to think about interesting things we can do with you. Like on weekend days, we could take each of you to a special outing, like a basketball game or bike ride with Daddy, and a picnic or a street fair with me. We want to take you to explore the coast to wade in the ocean, and roam in the mountains. We’ll take you to pick pumpkins and apples in the fall, and then we’ll bake treats together. In the summer, we’ll get a kiddie pool and splash around on the front lawn. Ooh, and run through the sprinkler!

Before we get to all that fun stuff, though, you need to keep growing on the inside. My doctor did a protein test this week and found that you’re not likely to come early, or at least in the next two weeks. Phew! So far I still am not having any complications, so we’re hoping not to meet you for another five plus weeks. That way you’ll be as healthy as possible, and we’ll feel a little more ready to finally meet you. πŸ™‚

This week we’re getting your room organized and ready, just in case. Soon we’re going to have to buy a new (used) car with plenty of space for all the gear that we’ll need for you. We need to line up a pediatrician for you. The other weekend we took a newborn care class and learned about basics for keeping you happy and comfortable–we hope we can swaddle you effectively while you’re squirming around!

Everything is going to change here pretty soon. (Hopefully not very soon–stay in there for awhile longer please!) We’re definitely nervous, because it’s all going to be so new and different, and tiring too. But we’re also looking forward to meeting you and holding you and showing you the world.



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