Thirty Three

(it got a little squished, but this chocolate fudge mini cake from JaCiva’s was DELICIOUS.)

On occasions like birthdays, it’s always interesting to take a moment and contemplate and compare life with the previous one.

Last November 1, I lived in Brooklyn and had been working as a ‘consultant’ for my company for a just over a year. I was working weekends shooting babies. I didn’t really do much else.

The twelve months to this November 1 must set a personal record for most/biggest changes. (And I’ve had some big years in my day!)

  • In January, I was hired full-time at my job. Finally!
  • In April, I found out that I was pregnant. And then that it was TWINS.
  • In May, we went to Central Europe for vacation.
  • In June/July, my company reorganized and I lost my job.
  • In the spring/summer, I did more portrait work and even shot a wedding.
  • In the summer, we finally made the decision to move out of NYC (well, more like Andy finally relented that it had to happen).
  • At the end of June, I stopped shooting babies.
  • In August, we drove across the country to move to Portland.
  • In August/September, I got my job back, part-time.
  • In the fall, we’ve been settling in to our rental house, and I spend a lot of time on the couch.

Wow. It’s been a heck of a year. We joke sometimes that we’re getting all the big stuff done and out of the way at once this year.

The time until next November 1 won’t be filled with these kinds of life changes, except that it will include one of the biggest lifestyle changes I can imagine–we will become parents. My next birthday will be so different! I wonder how different I will feel and look. I envision a family photo on our front lawn–me and Andy jumping, and two little ones either standing up or falling over trying to jump with us.


3 thoughts on “Thirty Three

  1. Omigosh, Sofia almost got your birthday! We were shooting for the first (instead she ended up on her cousin’s birthday – the 2nd and he was a little less than happy about it!)

    I like your birthday reflection. It made me stop to think about our last year… I bet the lifestyle change is going to feel as big (maybe bigger) as the life changes of this last year!

    PS: getting so excited to see these twins! Hope your last 3 weeks are as smooth and COMFORTABLE as possible!

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