What I will and won’t miss

I will miss:

–how easy it is to take care of babies when they’re on the inside.

–how quiet babies are when they’re on the inside! 🙂


–sleeping an entire night.

–taking a nap if I want to.

–a smaller wardrobe. I kind of like having only a few options for clothes that will fit my growing self. I’m sure that when I can fit into my regular clothes again, I’ll be able to do a big purge.

–using my belly as a table. It’s terribly convenient to rest a bowl on there.

–feeling babies moving around. It’s weird, but it’s really, really neat. Still my favorite part of this whole process. I’m not a religious person at all, and I don’t throw around the word ‘miracle’, but growing people is pretty dang miraculous. There are TWO PEOPLE slithering around in my belly! What?!

–the smooth skin on my tummy. So far the stretch marks are still pretty faint, and I hope they stay that way and then fade even more. But I know that I will wish my after-tummy would look like my before-tummy. Good thing I’ve taken a lot of self-portraits over the years, so I know what it looked like. Although maybe looking at those will just make me bummed.

–positive public attention. I get looks and smiles, which is nice. It’s like being pregnant is special, and people enjoy seeing it. About a month ago I was in Home Depot for some plastic bins, at the very back of the store. I picked them up and then realized that since I hadn’t grabbed a cart, there was nowhere to put them and I couldn’t carry them to the front (which I could have in my previoius life without that belly/tiredness!). A clerk was nearby and asked if I needed a cart, and a few minutes later he brought one for me! I was really grateful.

I won’t miss:

–the extra five pounds of weight in my face. Will I look the same after all this?

–the extra ten pounds of weight in my feet and ankles.

–feeling blood and fluids pool in my hands when I’m walking around for a while (doesn’t happen so often anymore because I’m unable to be up for very long).

–being so uncomfortable laying/moving/turning in bed; it feels like my pelvis is on fire. I think I have this.

–maternity pants.

–oh god, THE ITCHING.

–annoying public attention. Once a random dude on the street was passing by and touched my arm and said, “I think pregnant ladies have such beautiful bellies!” Um, gross. And sometimes I just want to buy groceries without answering questions about my due date and the gender of baby. (I never volunteer that it’s two when a stranger asks anything.) I hear that once I’m out and about with two, I’ll never hear the end of the questions.

I’m looking forward to:

–being able to shave my legs if I want to

–being able to bend down easily at all

–seeing my belly button without a mirror

–wearing regular shoes

–wearing my rings again

One thought on “What I will and won’t miss

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  1. The positive attention the babies receive will replace that of being pregnant. I love when people stop me to peek at Sofia or I hear them whisper to each other about how cute she is!!

    I agree on missing the sleeping through the night and freedom. I am in a good habit of sleeping in and getting a nap every day. And it’s almost sad how excited I am for 3 straight hours of sleep at night (& extatic about the random 5 that she gets!). Freedom is completely gone. Going anywhere is an anxiety ridden event! I am glad it’s heading into winter. Makes me want to just hibernate at home and for now, I am completely happy with it. (I totally look at anyone who’s ever brought a newborn/baby with them to any event I have ever gone to with a whole new respect!!)

    Hope you become more comfortable as you recover! Can’t wait to see more photos of those boys (which I found taking photos is a bit more difficult than I had imagined)!! How much did they end up weighing at birth?

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