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Hey friends and family, I decided to start a new blog to document all things pregnancy and baby(ies). Flip back through posts from the last few months and check out the pregnant progress photo link at the top. Check back often for updates, photos, news, and other random things. 🙂

Your Future

Dear A and B, Today is Election Day. You don't know what that is yet. (Really, you don't know what anything is yet. That's not your fault though.) You did sort of participate though--I completed my mail-in ballot last week. It's not as exciting as entering a voting booth and pulling a lever or completing... Continue Reading →

Thirty Three

(it got a little squished, but this chocolate fudge mini cake from JaCiva's was DELICIOUS.) On occasions like birthdays, it's always interesting to take a moment and contemplate and compare life with the previous one. Last November 1, I lived in Brooklyn and had been working as a 'consultant' for my company for a just... Continue Reading →

Out and About

Here's what we've been up to in October: When Andy went back to Brooklyn for a long weekend at the New Yorker Festival, I went up to Seattle to see family one last time. I also got to go to Issaquah Salmon Days, my favorite small-town festival! And then some lovely ladies threw me a... Continue Reading →

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