Two weeks home

It’s been two weeks since we brought the twins home, and they’re almost three weeks old. Here’s what’s going on since the last baby update:

Babies are starting to cry. Just a little, when they need something–usually a pacifier or something to eat, or when they get too gassy. It doesn’t last too long, and they’re soothed fairly easily. (Please stay that way, babies.)

Both of them started nomming on their hands, especially Malcolm. He loves to do that while his outfit is getting changed. Here they are laying together, and both of them nomming on Emmett’s hand! Ha!


Their grasps are getting even stronger and more deliberate–they grab onto shirt collars and burp cloths, and they can occasionally do a very rudimentary awkward hold/support of their bottles.

They’re eating much faster than they used to, and the quantity keeps going up. The spitting up is getting rarer too. Hopefully this will all mean that they’ll start sleeping longer sometime in the nearish future.

We did their second bath. They both screamed the entirety of the first bath, so we were braced for more this time around. But we used a second towel to keep them covered better, and they seemed to like the experience–or at least tolerate it.



They do a lot of grunting. And cooing and squeaking. They’re noisy babies. I hope that’s normal. Most of the time it’s pretty cute. (Less cute in the middle of the night when they should be sleeping.)



Speaking of sleeping, for nighttime we moved them from the co-sleeper to staying in the Rock N Plays, so they’re in there pretty much all day. In the co-sleeper we noticed that they always turned their heads toward each other. It’s a bummer that they’re so separated in the Rock N Plays. We need to work on getting them to be near each other more often.


I’ve put them in a boppy together a couple times for photos. Here’s a few adorable ones from the other day. Malcolm kept trying to nom Emmett.




(I love this one–I can imagine seeing their little heads together in years to come, plotting little boy shenanigans.)


Whenever I look at them in the Rock N Plays, sleeping peacefully, I want to scoop them up and snuggle them. They’re so cute!

They’re awake only a little bit, but already it’s more than they used to be. We’re doing some very brief tummy time on a boppy or on the activity mat. They bob their heads around and it’s super adorable.


They also do some *very* rigorous and frantic rooting. To the point that sometimes they’ll bang their head against our chest. Their little faces when they do this are *so* cute! But then they get upset and sometimes it takes a minute to get a bottle or a boob ready. Poor things.

We’re working on getting ourselves more sleep–each taking a solo feeding so the other one can get four to six hours at a stretch instead of two. It’s crazy–for those hours, I am OUT. Completely and totally dead to the world. When the alarm goes off it feels like it’s been no time at all. But I think it’s definitely helping during the day to feel pretty normal.

I got one of the babies into the Ergo this week! I’d tried once before and he was all slumped down. Not sure what I did differently this time, but he was more supported and not in danger of falling in/over or suffocating.


It was really comfortable, and I loved being able to have him right with me without actively holding him. Also, I successfully changed the other one with this one in the Ergo! That made me feel like Supermom. 🙂 This weekend I got a second Ergo and a Moby too, so we have more options and so each of us can wear a baby if we want to.

Their velvety newborn skin started to peel and molt last week. Makes me sad. 😦 Lots of other things are going to start changing, and I’m pre-nostalgic for this tiny clingy stage.

A few other photos from this week:


(Hands together during double skin-to-skin time)


(Post-feeding snuggle)


(Reading a book with Daddy)


6 thoughts on “Two weeks home

  1. Julie, whether you are wearing one babe and changing another or not, you are SUPERMOM!! I cannot wait to meet these little guys! (the photos of your husband reading to them have been so sweet!)

    Also, do you have the blogger app on your iPhone? That’s how I do a lot of my blogging during nursing lately… And I can save the drafts to add photos on from my computer if I need to… 🙂 maybe you have it, but thought I’d mention it just in case!

    • Aw, thank you! I’m excited to bring them to meet the group next week.

      I do have Blogger and WordPress apps! So far I haven’t done or needed to do any mobile blogging, but it’s good to have them just in case. I tend to work on posts on the laptop during all the sleeping hours.

    • Yeah, right now there’s not much awareness or interaction, since they’re so little and unaware of things in general. But I imagine that will slowly change in the coming year, and I am also excited to watch that!

  2. they’re so little and adorable! i love the photos of them cuddling close, all overlapping limbs. it sounds like you guys are coping really well given how intense it must be to have two little ones at the same time.

    • Aren’t they the cutest? 🙂 Yeah, I do think we’re doing okay, but I also think that so far (KNOCK ON WOOD) they’re pretty mellow babies. And having two of us to share duties is a big deal.

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