One month

Dear E and M,

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you’re a month old. That you’ve been in our lives for a whole month. It’s been the longest month of my life for sure–but that’s probably the monotony and the sleep deprivation. But also, I can’t believe it’s been four weeks already. It’s kind of flown by in a blur of feedings and naps. Also, this week was my original due date, so gestationally, you are now full-term.


(on a boppy on our couch–I will take a photo every month here to keep track of your growth!)

E, your toenail is painted, but that’s just a fallback–we are pretty good at knowing who’s who. Your faces are still quite different, though each of you can make a face that looks like your brother.

DSC_8307-6 (E)



You both now weigh seven whole pounds! What?! You weighed just under six pounds a week and a half ago. Your little bellies have gotten big and round. I guess the rest of your little bodies are growing too–on Wednesday you fit into the newborn-size fleece outfits that were way too big for you two weeks ago! Happily your hands and feet are still pretty tiny and cute. I suppose that won’t stay, but I’ll enjoy it for as long as I can. At least you’re still in your very small newborn onesies. We have lots of 0-3 month clothes for you, but I’m not ready for you to be wearing them yet!

You’ve been eating more and more–in less than a week you went from 70ml to 90–three ounces! (And sometimes one of you wants even a little more!) You eat much faster too. We really noticed and appreciate that because the first week especially it was really a chore to get you to eat. But now you guzzle and gulp. Of course that means sometimes you spit up a bit, but usually that doesn’t bother you. Now that you’re taking in so much, this week you ‘graduated’ from the little doll-sized bottles from the hospital to ‘big boy’ four ounce bottles.


All of this kind of breaks my heart, because it means you’re growing and changing and soon you’ll be so big. These are good things, of course, but I am so loving your tininess and will be very sad to see this stage end.


(Baby hand next to a quarter for size comparison)

You’re awake and alert more and more. (Maybe a couple hours a day now, altogether?) You like to stare at us when we hold you–you’re very solemn and earnest. It’s really neat to stare back at you. We see lots of smiles too, but they’re from gas, because half the time you’re asleep. You do still sleep for most of the day. At night, sometimes you both sleep well, and sometimes one of you is up and making noise. Most often it’s a dropped pacifier. We are really looking forward to extending time between feedings, because that will mean more sleep for us! You’ve got us pretty darn tired.

When you’re both awake, we’ve been putting you in a boppy together, which you seem to really enjoy. Normally you’re both very grunty and noisy, but you quiet down when you’re so close like that. Sometimes one of you will look at the other one, and sometimes your limbs overlap. You seem pretty nonchalant about that, like oh hey, it’s just my brother there.



When we pick you up and hold you close, you snuggle right back. Oh my, do I love that. You burrow in to my shoulder and I can lean my cheek against your warm head. When you’re sleepy, you make these sweet cooing noises that kind of sound like “uh huh” or “mm hmm” and it’s adorable and I love that too.

Speaking of noises, you continue to be extremely grunty little dudes. Especially E. But both of you make noises that sound alternately like sheep, horses, or old-tymey movie villains laughing. And of course you both still squeak.

So far you still aren’t doing a lot of crying. Now that it’s been a month, I’m hoping that that trend will continue (as opposed to the first couple weeks, when apparently all babies are pretty quiet). E, you hate to get your outfit changed and will wail about it. Diaper changes aren’t much better, though we’ve found that occasionally a pacifier will help. M, you’re usually calmer about changes, and if you have a pacifier you’re quite happy about it.  In general, we can almost always quickly comfort you when you cry.

When one of you cries, the other one doesn’t wake up from the noise. In fact, you both peacefully snooze through television, normal talking volume, and other noises. This was accidental–you spend your whole day in the same room as us, and obviously we’re not going to spend every day in quiet. I am hopeful this will mean good things for your sleep down the road.

Both of you happily fall asleep any time we’re in the car. This week I drove with you on my own and you ‘met’ some other babies at my mama’s group. I’m excited for all of you to get older and interact with each other!

Your hair now spikes up in the back, and it can’t be tamped down. I can only imagine that for the next five to seven years we’ll see that messy hairdo. It is so cute.


You love to stretch when we put you on the changing table. It’s pretty cute to see your little arms reach up as far as they go (which isn’t far at all) and your little feet flex to stretch your legs out straight. Your limbs still flail around sometimes–especially when you are hungry or left alone. Your grip is definitely developing. You hold on tighter to things like shirt collars and burp cloths, even more than before. Occasionally one of you gets a handful of my hair (I thought I had more time before that started!). I can see both of you get better and more deliberate at “holding” your pacifier in or putting your little hands around your bottle. And this week, while Grandma was visiting, she caught this adorable scene! I’ve never seen you use your fingers purposefully before. The looks on both your faces are priceless!

(video quality is pretty poor, but you’ll get the gist)

Babies, you are pretty great. Your daddy and I think you are the cat’s pajamas. Sometimes I gaze at you and still can’t believe that you’re real and that I grew you. Holding you and snuggling with you is truly one of the best things in the world. You are so loved!



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    1. They are indeed! They’re really filling out. Kind of sad, but inevitable. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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