Merry Christmas!

2007 was the first year I got my own Christmas tree. It was a fake tree, twenty bucks at Target. It was a nice little tree, and I really enjoyed having a little Christmas cheer in my cozy studio apartment.


In 2010, we finally bought a real tree for Christmas, and haven’t looked back since. They look so much better, obviously, but oh, that heavenly aroma. That’s what I love!

Living in Brooklyn, it was super easy to buy and transport a tree. There were tree stands across two corners from us, so it was a very short and easy haul up to our apartment. Now that we live in a less walkable neighborhood, we had to drive to a tree place and transport it on our sweet new car.


Then, of course, we had to make some space for it in our living room.

DSC_8203-1 DSC_8204-2

We added lights only the first night.DSC_8207-3 DSC_8217-5

(Taken with Photojojo’s sweet bokeh filter kit)

We didn’t get around to ornaments until the next night.


Ta-da! So pretty. DSC_8239-8

The day after, while admiring the tree, I was thinking about what an odd tradition it is, putting a tree inside your house and then putting stuff on it. Obviously it’s an old tradition that we’ve conscripted, but still, it’s kind of strange, you know?

For the past however many years, I’ve had a photo ornament made of us, and we’ve also started to collect ornaments on our adventures. I think the first one was on our road trip to Acadia. This was a busy and special year, with two big trips and now babies. Here are the ornaments we added to our collection in 2012:


(Commemorating our cross-country road trip this summer)


(Commemorating our Central Europe trip this spring, to Budapest, Prague (Praha in Czech), and Vienna)


(Duh, couldn’t resist a camera ornament! Although, come to think of it, it’s perfect because this was the year I incorporated my photography business)


(Hand-stitched by my cousin, and there are two of these, one for each twin)


(The photo of us for this year has two extra people! :D)


(I bought this at Salmon Days in October–the snowman hats are meant to have names written on them. I didn’t want to inscribe our chosen names before they were born, so I’ll get them written on there by next Christmas. This is to commemorate our first year with two babies!)

And some gratuitous baby photos as a bonus!


DSC_8421-2 DSC_8478-4 DSC_8412-1

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