First Christmas Time Capsule

Dear babies,

2012 was your first Christmas. You were five weeks old and you slept most of the day.

You’re still squishy, lovey babies. You weigh somewhere between 7-8 pounds and you’re both around 20 inches long. You’re still wearing newborn-size clothes, though you’ll be ready for 0-3 month pretty soon. We grab whatever onesie is in the drawer of your downstairs changing table when you need a fresh outfit. You have a nice little head of soft hair that is adorably spiky in the back. You sleep in Rock N Plays in our room at night and hang out in them for a lot of the day. You do some tummy time on a boppy or on one of your playmats, though you don’t like it for very long stretches of time. You don’t know how to communicate your needs to us. You’re not smiling for real yet, though you coo a lot. Mostly you grunt and squeak. You drink 3.5 ounces of milk or formula every three hours. That means you don’t sleep more than about 3 hours at a time. We bathe you twice a week in a plastic tub wedged in the kitchen sink.

Next year you’ll be 13 months old for Christmas. You’ll weigh…20 or 30 pounds I guess, and be a lot taller and probably leaner too. You’ll be mobile! You’ll know how to crawl and you will probably be walking or working on it. You will probably say a few words and be able to make your basic needs/wants known to us. You’ll smile at us and hug and kiss us back when we snuggle with you. You’ll probably have even more hair, and it will surely be messy. You might have opinions about the clothes that you wear, and you’ll wear actual clothes sometimes instead of just one-pieces. You’ll be sleeping in separate cribs in your own room–and I sure hope that we’ll have helped you learn to sleep for the entire night by then! You’ll be eating some real food, though maybe some formula/milk as well. You’ll have highchairs in our kitchen and will no doubt make a mess of each meal. You’ll eat regular meals three times a day, along with some snacks. You’ll be taking real baths in the bathtub, probably every day because you get dirty.

Your grandparents and aunts got you some gifts this year–some toys and clothes. We didn’t get you any presents ourselves, seeing as how we already got you the gift of life and continued feeding and unconditional love. 🙂 This year you are completely oblivious to holidays and presents. We picked out a Christmas tree with you dozing in your car seats/stroller, and you don’t seem to notice the pretty lights. We made a special ‘feast’ for Christmas dinner, and we built a gingerbread house while watching a movie, like we have for the last three years. But of course you didn’t know or care.

Next year you probably won’t understand the concept of Santa Claus or Christmas very well, but I bet you’ll know what presents are, though! We can have you help us pick out and then decorate our Christmas tree. We’ll have to be careful with the breakables of course, and strategically place the ornaments. We’ll hang our new stockings (one of your grandmas is making us a family set!). We will probably get you one or two things each, and hopefully the grandparents won’t go too crazy with presents. 🙂 I will probably take photos of you on Christmas morning if you can ‘unwrap’ any presents. We’ll dress you in a special Christmas outfit for at least part of the day (and then I’ll take more photos of you!). Maybe you’ll help us decorate the gingerbread house and we’ll make you something special so you can participate in our Christmas feast.

I can’t even imagine what this life next year will feel like, but I bet it will be fun (with plenty of hard times in there too). You two have been a pretty great gift for us this year. I am looking forward to next Christmas with you being even more special!



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