Last week Andy’s parents were here, being a huge help. They did feedings so one of us could nap or do something else. We also got to go on our first post-babies date! (above: cajun tots at the Kennedy School) It’s possible we are bad parents, because we didn’t worry or stress about being away the babies. We did spend time talking about them though.



We’re starting to see some smiles! They aren’t very frequent, and more often than not are directed at the ceiling. But still. Their faces totally transform with huge smiles! It’s pretty darn wonderful. 🙂 That’s about the only thing I will like about them getting bigger/older.

Speaking of getting bigger:


Left, December 8; Right, December 30. They grew an entire stripe! Look at the difference in how they fill out their newborn onesies. I should do another one this week–the newborn size was getting tighter so I moved them to 0-3 month clothes:


A week ago we got them weighed: Malcolm was 8lbs 9oz and Emmett was 8lbs 10oz. They’re the size of large-ish regular newborns! And they seem so, so big to me.




Once I got past the magical six-week-post-partum mark, I can start ‘exercising’ again. I’ve begun taking walks–once last week and four this week. I’ve gone on sunny afternoons, in the evening, and in a drizzle. Our neighborhood is almost all hills, which means I’ve got a real-life treadmill program outside the door. It feels like I woke up my leg muscles, and they’re hungry. Good stuff.




It’s getting harder to meet the needs of two babies at once. The other night I just barely managed to get both of them on me for a cuddle. I realized that very soon I won’t be able to do that at all, and will only be able to cuddle one at a time. This saddens me. I loved getting both of their tiny selves all snuggled up against me. They always burrow in and fall asleep like sweet little things. I should have done it every day instead of every once in a while.






2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Nah, definitely not bad parents! Just means your boys have some amazing grandparents!
    Even though I have two of my own, and plenty of nieces and nephews to go around, I never ceased to be amazed at how FAST they grow… it’s a wonder.

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