Two Months

DSC_9257-2-2 Dear sweet babies,

You are two months old! I can’t believe it. That sounds like such a big age, and in my head I still want you to be tiny little things, but you’re getting farther and farther from that. The last two months have been the longest two months in existence, and yet it’s also gone so fast. (I am quite sure I will have this sentiment every month and every year down the road. Bear with me, I’ve always been sentimental. Tough cookies. :D)

This month you lost your grip reflex, and we can see you moving your fingers individually. You do still grab onto our fingers, but less often and not automatic, and so it feels more deliberate. You still have your startle reflex, which I imagine you will lose soon.

We have no problem telling you apart–to us you look completely different. Emmett, your face is a little squarer, Malcolm, yours is a little rounder, and you both have such chubby cheeks! Of course people who just meet you think you’re identical. We do keep a toenail painted just in case, though. It helps us identify who’s who in photos too. You can each make faces that look exactly like the other, which is interesting.

You weigh over 10 pounds (a gain of three pounds in a month!) and are 21.5 and 22 inches long. You both went from the 5th percentile for weight to the 50th! Well done with all your growing! Your arms and legs used to be skinny, and now they’re pleasingly plump. Your bellies are still very round and kind of stick out to the side. You’re finally wearing 0-3 month clothes as of a couple weeks ago, but they are still quite big on you. I am glad you’re taking your time growing out of clothes–stay little! (Yes, this is in direct contrast with four sentences ago. I want you to be healthy and meet your milestones, but I don’t necessarily want you to change. What can I say, I’m complex.)


We’ve just started letting you guys sleep after the 11-12pm-ish feeding, and you’re sleeping for about 6 hours! This is very exciting. You’re still sleeping in your Rock N Plays in our room. We moved the co-sleeper to the living room and let you nap in there occasionally so you can stretch out.

You eat about 4oz every 3.5 hours. Though with this new sleeping pattern, one or both of you often gets hungry sooner and needs ‘snacks’ between feedings. We need to adjust and figure out what to offer you so you stay sated longer.


When you get hungry, both of you start rooting. Malcolm, you tend to root longer, while Emmett, you get frustrated pretty quick and start crying. Your little face turns red and you practically scream! But the second the bottle is in your mouth, you calm right down and drink happily.

This month you met your uncles and one aunt, and another set of grandparents, plus you got to see more of the grandparents you’d already met. Additionally, you met some friends of my family who knew me as a baby, and a few of my friends, and they were all so thrilled to meet you. I’ve said this before, but there are so many people who love you–you are so lucky!

We still get a lot of comments about your hair (that you have so much). And everyone who meets you still remarks on how beautiful you are, and how calm. We agree–you are SO CUTE, and you are generally really good babies. Obviously you are the best babies ever. 🙂


You no longer fuss at the changing table. In fact, both of you like it now, because you can stretch out and kick your little legs. I find it super cute when you do that–something about the relative stubbiness of your legs compared to your torso. That kicking seems to help with gas, plus you just seem to have a grand old time. I like to lean down and smile and chat with you while you kick and relax. Seriously, it’s so cute.

(Here you are, staring at the fireplace and kicking up a storm)

Your eyebrows and eyelashes used to be tiny and kind of invisible, but this month your eyebrows have darkened and your real-size eyelashes have come in. They’re very long and they stick straight out, like mine.

When we hold you, you both love to hold your heads up and look around. Your heads kind of bob around and fall onto our shoulders because you aren’t totally there yet with neck strength. Your backs are getting stronger too–I can feel you using those muscles to stay upright. You also have figured out how to push up and ‘stand’ on your feet. (Apparently I did this a lot as a small baby too.) But you’re very social, you love to look around and stare at ceilings, lights, and people.


Emmett, your cry has morphed again and often includes an adorable squeak. (I’d forgotten that for your first two weeks or so, you squeaked.) You both do this little whimper half-hearted cry that kind of sounds like “mmmmeh”. I can’t help laughing because it’s so cute and pitiful. Both of you have started to coo a little bit too. You’re still making a barnyard’s worth of grunting noises: sheep, horses, pigs.

Of course the best development this month has been smiles! You’re starting to react to us smiling at you by smiling back. It’s not every time, but it’s fairly regular. Malcolm, you smile quickly and easily, and Emmett, sometimes it takes you longer, but it starts in your eyes and then erupts over the rest of your face.





Seeing either of you smile at us is magical, wonderful, amazing, beautiful–everything people say and more. It makes me realize anew how special it is to have you two, that you’re real and that you’re ours.

Hugs and kisses–we love you!




3 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. Hi, I wanted to ask you about the feeding schedule. When one baby gets up earlier than the 3 hours, do you feed both babies or just the one hungrier? Also, does that change the schedule for both? Meaning you will have one baby waking at one hour and the other at other hour? What is an snack for you? Do you give food and then a complete feeding with his brother? Thanks!

    • Hi Viviana! Thanks for your questions.

      We are pretty firm on keeping our schedule and keeping the babies on it together. So they *always* eat together. If one is sleeping, we wake him up and feed him too, so they eat at the same time. (And if both are somehow sleeping when it’s time to eat, we wake them both.) As for changing the schedule, if they eat earlier than ‘expected’, yeah, we would do the next feeding earlier, IF they seemed like they needed to. For example, say they ate at 11am. The next feeding would be ‘scheduled’ for 2 or 230pm. If at 200 (3 hours later) one of them was obviously hungry, we would feed them both. But if they were okay we would wait until 230 (3.5 hours later). Then the next feeding would be ‘scheduled’ from there. Oh, and if they got hungry at 2.5 hours, yep, we’d feed them both together. (When that happens frequently then we know they need to eat more at each feeding–when we offer more they can go longer without eating.)

      For ‘snacks’ between feedings, we offer in half-ounce increments. Usually one half would suffice, but occasionally a baby would still be hungry and take another half-ounce or even more. (I assume when that happens they’re in some kind of growth spurt.) And yes, regardless of the ‘snack’, we continue with our next scheduled full feeding.
      When they fairly consistently need snacks between feedings, that’s also when we increase the feeding amounts (from 4 to 4.5oz, say). That would cut down on hunger between feedings until their next step ‘up’.

      Obviously this is just what works for us. Hope it helps. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me– Thanks!

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