Three Months Old!

Dear babies,

I would swear it was like a week ago that you were turning two months. But you’ve just turned three months already! That sounds so old–time is really starting to go quickly. Ack! You’re officially infants, no longer newborns. 😦DSC_0019-2

You are continuing to grow, though it seems like it’s slowed down a bit. You’re both about twelve and a half pounds. Malcolm, you’re just over 23 inches long, and Emmett, you’re 22.5 inches long. You’re still packing on weight in your deliciously chunky legs. πŸ™‚DSC_0044-14(Emmett and his elephant)Β  DSC_0038 (2)-13

(Malcolm and his monkey)


(Update on the crocheted blanket. The first photo I took of them with the blanket, their feet reached the orange stripe.)

You haven’t changed drastically since last month, but your physical development has gotten a bit more sophisticated. You’re not quite grabbing or batting toys yet, but I can see a lot of improvement in your hand dexterity. You bring them together often and you can sort of wrap your fingers together. You both (especially Emmett) like to put one or both hands around your bottle.

Of course we still read a lot to you. We’ve graduated you to some simple story books, though your favorites are the two books about colors–often you give a huge smile at some of them. You both look intently at the pages of whatever we’re reading, and I think you already understand the left-right orientation of books.


With the generosity of so many friends and family, we have accumulated a lot of 3month clothes for you! Happily you’ll be wearing that size for a bit yet, so I’m hoping to get some use out of all of those outfits. Just this week I put pants on you guys for the first time ever. You looked pretty silly, but of course still adorable. πŸ™‚DSC_9999-7

No more grunting in your sleep. You still make some funny noises when you wake up or stretch, but the noisiness has gone away. This may have actually happened last month; I just didn’t realize it until this month. That means naptime and nighttime are a lot quieter for all of us and certainly that means we get better rest.


Speaking of rest, you have gotten even better at sleeping this month! You started sleeping for two long stretches overnight, and it seems you’re ready to sleep through the night. I’m very excited about that. πŸ™‚

This month I realized that you guys don’t do your diva hand anymore. When I burp you by sitting you up on my lap, one or both of your hands would rise up like either a dramatic singer, or a zombie. πŸ™‚ It was so adorable but I guess now you’ve outgrown it. Now sometimes as I’m patting your pack, you’ll kind of bob your head along with me.

Your head control has gotten really good, much steadier. Not totally 100% yet, but a big difference. And just this week you’ve suddenly gotten stronger at tummy time, especially when you’re on a boppy. Soon we’ll start working on sitting up!


You had your first Valentine’s Day and I got one of the most adorable photos of you thus far. πŸ™‚


You’ve been almost giggling for a couple weeks, but no clear laughs just yet. I think you are really close; you both do this kind of proto laugh gasp grunt kind of thing. And you both smile all the time! Malcolm, you in particular always have lots of big smiles at the ceiling above the changing table–we assume there are some friendly ghosts up there or something. πŸ™‚




You can track us from pretty far away. You watch us approaching and leaving wherever you are (your Rock N Play or your boppy) and when you see us, you smile. On the changing table, when we walk around to the trash can, you follow us upside down and still smile at us! I can never get enough of your beautiful smiles.


Malcolm, you started enjoying sticking your tongue out and it’s become a game. One of us will stick our tongue out, and you’ll give a big grin and in a moment stick your own tongue out and then grin some more.


Here’s a video of the fun:

You’re so precious and it’s still so amazing to hold you and get to know you! I’m still sad at how much you’ve already changed, but as you start interacting with us more and more, and I get to look in your eyes as you look right back, I love you both more and more.




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