Four Months Old!

My dear sweet babies,

You’re four months old now! I can’t believe it. As usual.


You’re growing well: you both weigh about 14 1/2 pounds, and you’re both over 24 inches long. That means in four months you’ve just about tripled your size! No wonder–you’re eating 6 ounces every three hours. We just put you in size 3 diapers, which sounds WAY too big, but you should stay in those for awhile. You’re still wearing 3 month clothes, though they’re starting to get more snug.


Look how big your hands are getting!

You clearly read the Awesome Baby Manual, because on your first night as three month olds, you decided to sleep all night. And it wasn’t a fluke–you’re still going! That’s pretty great for all of us. You’re still in Rock n Plays in our room. One or both of you does start making noise early in the morning, but you’re okay for awhile. For awhile we were getting you up 6-630am, but now you’re going until 7-730. Sometimes you need a little snack in the wee sma’s, but that’s not unreasonable. The best part is that first thing in the morning when we come get you, you see us and give us these big happy smiles. It makes my heart happy.



You’re just now starting to maybe get into a nap routine–9am, 11am, 2pm, plus more in the afternoon. Most of them don’t last very long–less than an hour. And sometimes only one of you falls asleep. But if we can solidify the routine times I think that will help both of you be happier in the late afternoon/early evening. We’ve been trying to put you down for at least one nap in your co-sleeper so you can get used to sleeping on your back. You’ll need to move to your cribs in the next few months!


Your hair is changing. M, yours continues to thin on the top but seems to be growing at the back–you have an old man mullet! E, your hair at the top is still growing, nice and lush. It’s even long enough that most of it sits down now, instead of sticking up. However, you appear to be losing some hair in a ring around the middle of your head.

I think it’s safe to say that the theme of this month was your hands. You’ve really discovered them and started putting them to good use!

First, you started finding fingers to snack on. You’ll nom your whole hand sometimes. We thought at first that it was only a sign of hunger, but now we think it’s just something to do. You’re less interested in pacifiers, so it’s nice that you’re able to soothe yourselves with something always handy (ha!).

Then you started working on coordinating your hand movement to purposefully move toward an object and grab at it. We put you both on an activity mat/gym and you guys have learned to bring your hands up to and around the hanging toys. You concentrate very hard and move pretty slowly. I find this very exciting and fascinating to watch, as you learn that your body can move and that you can control it. Now you like to hold the Winkel toy and the Taggies rattle.

We put you in an exersaucer for the first time a couple weeks ago. You’re still way too small for it; you kind of lean onto the side. E, you only had eyes for the hanging toys and reached for them. M, you found the buttons that light up and make noise. And right away you figured out how to push them! You sat there focused on moving your fingers and hands to brush and push the buttons! I was amazed.

Beyond the exersaucer, we’ve expanded your toy/contraption collection even more. We finally started using the swing and thankfully you love it and always calm down if you’re fussy. DSC_0995-1

We also rotate you in a bouncer and a rocker. The rocker has a musical hanging toy (it sings If You’re Happy) that makes you smile every time. Lastly, we gave you each a Sophie giraffe, and you already like holding her and trying to chew on her ears.

The other big news is that you both GIGGLED! You finally got that last third of the sound to make it all the way to a sweet little laugh. So far you haven’t done it more than once or twice, so I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more of those happy sounds soon. Here’s E almost-giggling with Daddy:

Here I’m trying to get both of you to giggle.

Speaking of sweet, this month you’ve finally begun noticing each other. We have to physically put one or both of you in the eyeline of the other, but you will look at each other–and smile! It’s kind of strange but also so exciting to see you acknowledge one another. You guys have been separate for so long and this is a reminder that you will soon be buddies and hopefully best friend brothers.


You make a lot of noise–your coos have really taken off. We can practically have conversations! Mostly you say a sound like, “guh”. It’s really cute. Here’s M practicing lots of sounds while joyfully kicking:

Here’s M chatting with Daddy while nomming a hand:

The noise from your, erm, other end has decreased a bit, which is nice. You also don’t really root anymore. Now when you’re hungry, you just start crying.

You’ve had your first real outdoor experiences. We’ve had some beautiful days this month, and a couple times I’ve brought you out to the lawn on a crib pad. Can’t wait for you to be big enough to crawl around the grass and play in the dirt!


We love you, babies. You’re the best, cutest, most amazing babies ever.



love, mama

ps: thanks for letting me dress you up for holidays! 🙂


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