Gear for Babies and Twins, Part 2: For Them

All pregnant ladies want to know: What are the must-haves for babies? When expecting twins, that question is a little more daunting, because two babies are more daunting and more complicated! I’ve put together a list of the things that we use and like. Hope it will be helpful to anyone else expecting, no matter how many. 🙂

My list got really long, so I broke it into three parts. I’ll update this post with links to the others once they’re up.


Pregnancy Must Haves

Part 1: For You

On to Part 2: For the Babies. We have kept things pretty basic, I think, more focused on survival and real needs instead of fancy extras.

(When you’re ready: Part 3: For the House)

Burp cloths:
Gerber Folding Diapers are by far the best burp cloths. Very absorbent, big, and cheap. Get A LOT of them. Can’t have too many. So get more than you think you’ll need; you’ll use them. (And be careful, there are different types/names but the packages look the same. Flatfold is a big giant square. Then there’s birdseye, and there’s a third name too. You want the thicker prefold ones–I still don’t know which is which.)



You need a lot of them. No, even more than that. Really, A LOT. Two babies + 6-8 feedings per day + spit up tendencies = the need for a large bib (and burp cloth!) supply and frequent laundry. aden + anais muslin bibs are by far the best bibs we have. Also very absorbent and big, but not cheap. They have three snaps on the neck, so they’ll adjust in size as the babies do, meaning they’ll probably last all year, so they’re worth the price. Get as many as you can afford. We have two sets and just got another set. I just recently learned about their extra large burpy bibs too. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen or heard about them before!



We liked Pampers Swaddlers the best (and they wore them in the hospital). We’re now using the Costco diapers and they’re working well. The box of 210 diapers lasts us about two weeks now. When they were much littler and pooing all the time, we went through boxes of 200+ in a week or so.


I know babywearing is a hallmark of attachment parenting, but I think it’s sensible for everyone, regardless of your philosophy. Having two babies means it’s even more important to be able to hold one baby hands-free. So many ways it’s helpful: carry the one who’s being cranky; alternate holding them so they’re off their heads (flat head has got to be more prevalent with twins, who can’t both be carried at the same time all day); put one in to go to sleep; carry one and put the other in the shopping cart; two of you can carry them on walks without dealing with stroller hassle. We used carriers when we took our four-week-olds to the neighborhood holiday party–it meant we could eat and we also didn’t have to worry about other people trying to touch the babies!

If you’re new parents like us, it can’t hurt to try lots of different carriers to figure out which one you and your babies like best and that works best for you. I’ve mentioned large-scale consignment stores and multiple clubs before–carriers are a perfect thing to look for there. We have two Ergos with infant inserts (both of those came from craigslist), a Baby Bjorn (multiples club sale), a Moby wrap (craigslist), and three slings (multiples club sale and classifieds).

The sling we have is no longer being made new, so there’s no website or anything. You might be able to find one on ebay or craigslist though. It’s called Kangaroo Korner, and it’s a pouch. Super easy to put on (tying a Moby is a pain!), super quick to get the baby in, and both babies LOVE it. This is our magic bullet for crying babies. It does hurt my back, though I think it’s worth it!  Plus they’re so cute with just their head sticking out. Sweet babies.


The Baby Bjorn is a good one too, once you know how to buckle the thing on (our nanny had to show me! but it’s super simple and fast once you know how it works). Babies stay awake in there much easier than in the sling, so we use that one during the day now to carry a baby for awhile. Plus, a baby can face forward in this one, which I’ve tried once or twice, and I have a feeling both our babies are going to be really into that very soon.


There are lots more options for carriers and wraps, so read up and visit a store where you can try them on. There are also babywearing groups you can join to learn about the different options and that will loan you a wrap or carrier to try out. Bear in mind that all babies are different, and some are very particular about what they do and don’t like. Our babies seem to be pretty easy going and like everything so far.


Babies get a lot of crap in their noses. It is SO SATISFYING to get stuff out of their tiny noses, but obviously it’s pretty difficult. I read about this snotsucker device on a blog awhile ago and ordered it to help get the gunk out easier. Sure enough, it works and it’s still very satisfying.

Calendula oil

The babies’ legs started getting super dry a few weeks ago. Our nanny mentioned calendula oil as a good skin moisturizer. I got some of the oil but next time I would probably get some calendula-infused lotion, which might be easier to dispense and would make me less oily when applying it. It hasn’t cured the scaliness (I’m wondering if it’s the baby soap that’s drying them out), but it has definitely helped.


Some bodysuits. Zip-up footies and snap footies (zips are easier, but the snaps mean faster diaper changes). Swaddling blankets like SwaddleMe, the Miracle Blanket, and HALO SleepSacks.

In Conclusion

If you are going to have twins, keep the ‘stuff’ to a minimum. Babies themselves don’t need much!



Part 1: For You

Part 3: For the House

Note: These are Amazon affiliate links. I only feature products that we have used and loved.

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