Tulip Festival!

On Thursday afternoon, we did an afternoon outing at the Woodburn Tulip Festival!


Though I grew up in the Seattle suburbs, I never went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I would hear about it and be so interested, but I never made the effort to actually go. A few weeks ago I was thinking about tulip season and wishing it weren’t so far away so I could finally go…then I wondered if there was something similar a little closer.


I looked it up and lo and behold — a local tulip festival! Woodburn looks to be much smaller than Skagit–it’s only one farm and one field. But it was still so beautiful!


Rows and rows of different colors of so many tulips!




Of course half the reason I wanted to go was to take pictures. Of course with two babies and uneven ground for the stroller, I didn’t have a lot of time to really hang out in the field with my camera like I wanted to.


But I got a few decent shots at least. And I’m already thinking ahead to next year.  DSC_2400-8

Babies will be walking by then, so we’ll have a little more freedom (though of course we’ll be chasing after them too). And we can take lots more cute photos. Imagine this one in another year, with both babies sitting in the wooden shoes. Won’t that be adorable?!!


(Am I the only one who specifically looks for and plans photos on outings and future outings?)

This was also a good opportunity to get nice photos of each of us with each baby.





And of course take a family photo! Next year I hope to find a spot with better/closer tulip backgrounds.


We didn’t have a lot of time to look around before they had to eat. We’d left right after their 1pm feeding and arrived around 3pm (it’s a 45 minute drive from Portland). We fed them in the car in their carseats around 415. They were still distracted and it took longer than normal, but it wasn’t the craziness like our last outing. Unfortunately, E did his freakout thing and Andy had to try lots of different things to calm him down. We finally gave up with an ounce left in his bottle and we left around 530.


It was really a treat to get out of the city, especially during the week with fewer crowds, and see such a pretty sight. This year all the tulips are in bloom at once, and this is the peak. If you’re local, you should go!


10 thoughts on “Tulip Festival!

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  1. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers to grow and photograph. When the kids are older I highly suggest a weekend to Skagit to see the tulips. Even better, do one of the tulip bike rides as a family! Oh that makes me want to go back!!!

  2. One question, how are their nap schedules ?? I was wondering this because my twins are two months old and their napping is becoming a struggle every day. Sometimes they refuse to nap and they look tired. I have a 3 hour feeding routine with them, but sometimes I got to a two hour with screaming babies, because they are bad nappers. Does did happened to you at 2 months?? how do you do now that they are older, if they don’t nap between feedings, how do you keep them distracted, do they cry?

    1. Ack, I’m sorry to hear this–sounds like a rough time! I think ours napped kind of randomly for a long time, but they would usually fall asleep somehow after two hours awake or so. Now that they’re older they’ve gotten more predictable in their tired time, so I watch for their signals (rubbing eyes, yawning, tired whimper cry) and then put them down. But since yours are so young–have you tried swaddling them for naps? Putting them in a swing? That always calms ours down if one is crazy, and usually puts them to sleep too. A sling is also great for calming the crazy and letting them fall asleep. If you’re desperate you can always put them in the car or stroller! Basically whatever works! Good luck!

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