5 months old!

Dear sweet babies,


Five months! What!

You are happy, smiley babies. Happy chunky ones too–you’re approximately 15 pounds and close to 25 inches. You’re getting close to the end of 3m clothes.

baby blog pics 2

Here are some of the things you’ve been up to and learning this month:

You discovered your voice–especially M. You figured out that you can shriek and yell. It gets really high pitched, too! Very cute. Along with that, you’re starting to giggle more. Love it.


Your hand movements are quite smooth now. You grab anything near you and bring it to your mouth. You also started to reach out for toys on your exersaucer. You both love to sit in the various contraptions we have–the super seat especially. You’ll just hang out there, and look around, and grin. And play/eat with toys that you can grab.

Another super cute thing you do now is playing with your blankets. You love to grab it and pull it different directions, and especially drape it over your faces. The Taggie blankets are your favorites, but even a burp cloth will do in a pinch. For some reason, putting a blanket over your face will calm you down if you’re upset.


This month you have begun doing baby sit-ups. You are rarely content to just lie on the boppy anymore! You’re starting to get really strong-you can lift yourselves to like 45 degrees! You love it when we pull you up to sitting. I’ve tried a couple times to actually sit you up and sometimes you can stay up for a second. I have no doubt you will be sitting for real on your own soon.



You had a big physical accomplishment this month–you both rolled over! I’m not sure if I can say you “learned” to do it, because it was either accidental or random/rare to actually make it all the way over. But both of you did roll a couple times! Interestingly, you both roll to your left.

E, you did it first. Daddy laid you down after a nap and a second later you had flipped over! Just kind of out of nowhere. M, it took you a couple more days, but you were practicing and trying with a lot of effort–you lift your butt up on one side and bring your foot up, trying to get your lower half to roll over. Your elbow on that side was in your way, though. I helped you practice a few times over a couple days, and finally you rolled all the way over by yourself! E, you tend to use your big head to tilt tilt tilt until you roll over. However, after the first few days of new and excitement, it seems like both of you were over it. You still don’t really roll readily.

The other really cool thing you’ve started doing is turning pages of your board books. One evening after your dinner, I put you both on my lap (which is not easy) and showed you a book. M, you started twitching in the general direction of the book. So I brought it closer to you and you grabbed the pages. You were able to grasp a single page with your left hand, between palm and thumb, and bring it over to the left. E, you did the same thing the following day. Neither of you have mastered letting go of the page, but to be fair, you’re only five months old. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Since then, we still “read” books to you both but mostly so you can turn pages. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Overall, I’m so impressed and proud of both of you!

DSC_2696-7 DSC_2697-5


A big (emotional) milestone was of course moving to your own room. You transitioned there really easily. We transitioned you to your crib fairly easily too, over the course of a week or so. You continue the same schedule you’ve had for a little while. You’re still sleeping pretty well, with a few wakeups around 2am and 4am.


You continue to recognize us and light up when you see us. I continue to love hugging you and kissing your big squishy cheeks.


We love you,


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    1. Thank you! yes, their hair is pretty crazy, it cracks me up. They both have baby mullets and semi mohawks. Totally ridiculous. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hi, question for you, do you still swaddle your babies ?? Do they use the pacifier to go to sleep ?? What happens when the pacifier falls off ? I’m trying to figure out when to start un-swaddle my babies and if to remove the paci. Did you do any sleep training ??

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