Thanks to Ask Moxie, I learned about growth spurts and sleep regressions long before it would ever be time for our babies to go through them. I blame pretty much blame any weirdness on one or the other. However, as their four month ‘birthday’ came and went, I wondered if somehow we had escaped the four month sleep regression that I’d heard such terrible things about.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, the babies had a hard time going to sleep. They cried for a good half-hour after we put them down, which is very unlike them. Wednesday and Thursday nights (I think?) they were up–WIDE AWAKE–for an hour and a half around 3am. We gave them snacks and tried to help them calm down, to no avail. Eventually we put them (or at least one of them) in a Rock n Play, and they must have fallen back asleep.

They also suddenly refused their naps, or at least their nap schedule (which had been 45 minute naps four times a day). E would finally sleep for 1-1 1/2 hours, and M stayed up longer and crash for half an hour. They also got a lot more hungry, eating 7oz or more for at least half the feedings.

The morning after the second bad night, we were talking about it, and as I went through all the unusual things that had been happening, I was like, Dang, I am describing a sleep regression.

I was still a little hesitant to label it that in my mind, because I’d heard about babies waking up every 45 minutes or every 2 hours all night long.

I was also hesitant because I was scared that some terrible torture was about to befall us for weeks on end–some babies’ regressions can last up to SIX WEEKS. Ie, insanity time.

However! Over the weekend they were back to their normal nighttime routine–went down fine and had some overnight wakeups, with us making quick trips to replace pacifiers. The erratic naps and increased appetite have stuck around.

Also–I swear they’ve started rooting again!

Then! On Sunday and Monday nights this week, they had NO overnight wakings! It was amazing! We felt incredulous in the morning: “Did you wake up for anything?” “No, did you?” Rest for all of us–hallelujah! Maybe this was the shortest sleep regression on record!

Tuesday night, however, was another awake-for-an-hour-and-a-half at 2am. It suuucked. Naps Wednesday were even worse than they’ve been: They both took two half hour naps in the late morning and early afternoon. Then M was awake from 2pm until their dinner (630pm). Four and a half hours! He wasn’t happy, fussed from 5pm on, even when I was holding him. The swing calmed him but still no sleep. Poor baby. E napped for less than half an hour somewhere during that time, so at least he was okay.

From Wednesday on, the babies have mostly napped back on their old schedule, and needed a little more to eat, but not a lot. No more long overnight awake time though, so far. Knock on wood. Friday, the 11am nap lasted an hour and a half–for both of them! At the same time! This is unprecedented! I’m sure it was a fluke–I won’t hold my breath that it’s a new pattern or anything.

However, the last few days, E has occasionally been getting upset and extra fussy again. We think it could be related to pre-teething?

So it’s all a crapshoot at this point–especially remembering that there’s a six month growth spurt on the horizon. I guess we just need to be patient with the little babes and do our best to comfort them and keep them happy.

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  1. Sounds like our house. One day he’ll take his naps exactly on schedule, up, eat, play, goes down for a nap 2 hours after getting up and sleeps at least an hour. Then he’ll have a day of “power naps.” Same basic schedule except he only sleeps 20-30 minutes at a time.

    Around 4 months, he started teething (we think). Have you checked their temperature when they’re fussy? We figured out that when he got fussy he had a fever. We had about a month where he’d spike a fever at least once a day for several days in a row. It’s slacked off now, but I’m expecting it to start up again any day.

    Now that he’s gotten turning over down and is working on crawling, we’re fighting new battles to get him to stop sliding across his crib on his face. Poor little guy has rashes on his face from crawling face first across his crib in his sleep.

    It’s so difficult to figure out what is wrong with them when they can’t tell you! Our mantra continues to be “just keep swimming!”

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