The M Word

Last week was Mother’s Day. My first official Mother’s Day. (Last year I was secretly pregnant for Mother’s Day, and also we were ending our trip in central Europe.)


I was hoping that by now I would have been able to put together some words about being a mother.


But…I haven’t. I can’t. It’s so strange.   DSC_0499-7

See, Mothers are grown-up ladies who know what they’re doing.   DSC_0488-5

That description does not sound like me…ergo, I can’t possibly be one! And yet…


Here are these two babies that apparently are mine. I have two babies. They are pretty much the best and cutest babies in the whole wide world. Hugging them is seriously one of my all-time favorite things to do. Their giggles, their chubby thigh rolls, their little hands grabbing mine, the way they have a huge smile when they see me first thing in the morning…I love these things and lots more. I love these babies. I guess that makes me a mama.

I hope all of you mamas had a good, relaxing day. All I wanted this year was a nap and a photo of me with my sweet babies. Check and check, thanks to my husband. 🙂

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