Summer Bucket List

Francesca posted recently about the Summer Bucket List Challenge and I thought to myself, Ooh ooh! Yes, let’s!

Now, I’m kind of cheating, since I already had most of this list in my head as part of my goals for the summer/year. But it’s a good excuse to be part of a bigger community of fun-having, plus it should help keep me accountable. And of course it will make for lots of fun blog posts! ūüôā

Here’s what we want to do this summer! I can’t wait.

–visit Mt Hood: check! 7/4/13

–visit the coast: check! 8/27/13

–pick fruit at one of the u-pick farms (Sauvie Island or Hood River Valley Fruit Loop): check! 7/12/13

–visit Multnomah Falls: check! 6/15/13

–visit some other falls in the area/Vista House/Scenic Byway: check! 9/7/13

–go to the beach at Sauvie Island

–explore downtown with babies

–host a party for mamas group: check! 8/18/13

–go out for brunch with the babies: check! 8/17/13

–get a kiddie pool for the front lawn, and do lots of splashing with babies: check! 6/30/13

–continue our monthly dinner dates (just the grownups): check!

–organize the linen closet

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