Blog ADD

First, I really dislike when people throw around actual medical diagnoses as personality quirks. Liking your towels folded a certain way does not mean you have OCD. Stop it.

That said, I honestly feel like my attention to blog posts is in deficit sometimes. I have nineteen drafts at the moment, and here I am starting a twentieth. I was mentally composing this post earlier tonight while washing my hair. Before I turned off the shower, I had mentally skipped around to two or three other new or existing posts. (And dammit, now I can’t remember what I was ‘working’ on! I need a waterproof notepad!)

So I haven’t posted a ton lately, because I haven’t been able to bring myself to commit to these drafts, to finishing these posts. I don’t know if it’s laziness or inattention, or just lacking the time to really focus on making them ‘good.’ Whatever that means. I like thinking up post ideas and then starting a whole bunch of drafts. Some of them are just titles, some of them are more than half written, some of them need pictures and I get lazy about resizing and then loading them into wordpress.

And instead of working on any of those nineteen drafts, I’m writing this nonpost about drafts. It’s after midnight and I feel antsy for getting ideas out. Well, “ideas” because really, this sucks and it’s pointless. But at least it’s a post? Sort of?

I go back and forth on the type of blog I wish this were. Some people have update blogs that talk about day to day stuff, all everyday-like, casual, fun. Then there are Issue Blogs, which focus on a single issue that the writer is really into. And then there are the Writer Blogs, where the person creates a moving piece about simple things like going out to dinner, with the perfect words just so that make the reader sigh, laugh, cry, or all of the above at the same time.

I really wish I could be the last one, but I don’t have the writing chops, innate creativity, or perseverance for that. (At least, not more than a couple times a year.) But I can’t quite bring myself to do the everyday-blog kind of deal either. Maybe because I already do some of that on flickr, facebook, and instagram. And I like having stories to tell occasionally, or work through my thoughts on Bigger Issues. I don’t know how much of a voice I have, because the posts veer all over the place. Sometimes I do want to craft an essay-type post that details the arguments I have on a particular topic, and edit it carefully so I can try to be as articulate as I can. (Which, frequently, is not terribly articulate at all.) Buuuut, sometimes I want to just write out a list of random crap. Or post a bunch of pictures without coming up with witty asides. And sometimes I write dumb blog posts about writing goddamned blog posts.

So I’m in the remainder bucket of blogs. With my blog ADD. BADD. Oh dear! I guess if you’re out there, sorry for this drivel, back to cute babies soon, and thanks for sticking around.

2 thoughts on “Blog ADD

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  1. I feel you, Julie! My blog is at times a travel blog, sewing blog, running blog, expat blog, photo blog, etc. Sometimes I don’t know how to focus my posts because I have no idea who is reading (is anyone really interested in the details of the construction of my newest dress? I’m not sure.) I guess it has to do with being inspired by so many other blogs out there. Whatever you’re doing though, keep it up, because I love reading your blog.

  2. i totally could have written this myself. except i don’t have actual drafts – i don’t even get that far. my blog isn’t really in any category, either, and although i sometimes come up with plans about how i’m going to post an “around here” type post every friday, that doesn’t always work. sometimes i’m a craft blog, sometimes just normal stuff… i’m guessing it’ll become a house blog once we can find something. i haven’t ever felt comfortable sharing 100% honestly (because my blog has never been a secret) so that censor means i’m always hedging. sometimes i wonder if i should blow it up and start completely over but… i’ve been blogging in one way or another since 2003 so it feels weird to do that. also i like “she likes stripes” a lot. i say just go with it. i love the variety – and even posts like this. who says we have to categorize ourselves too much!

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