Father’s Day

I told my husband years ago–well before we were even married–that I thought he would make a great daddy. Right away, after the babies were born, I knew it was true. He really is a wonderful father. He loves our babies so much, and plays with them, changes their diapers, snuggles with them, reads to them. Everything a good dad should do.

[Scratch that–everything a dad should do. The “good” shouldn’t be a qualifier. Ever since he’s had babies, he’s bristled at the concept/term of “involved” father. (I hope to be able to persuade him to write a post about it someday…) As he says, would anyone talk about someone being an “involved mother”? It’s offensive that people don’t expect a dad to do much and then overpraise or act surprised when a father acts like a parent.]

Anyway, my husband has done a wonderful job being a parent to our babies. I love watching him with them and seeing so much love and joy. They are so lucky to have him as a daddy, and to have him as a role model as they grow up. He will make sure they are thoughtful, intelligent, athletic, well-informed people. He’s also made sure that I’m well-supported and as well-rested as possible as a mama, for which I am supremely grateful. I am so lucky to have him as a partner in raising these beautiful babies!

We had a nice family day on Father’s Day. I took the breakfast shift so Andy could sleep in a few more hours. We walked to the farmers market for some fresh air and fresh produce before the babies’ lunch. In the afternoon, my dad and sister came for a visit and we went to a late brunch. My little sister is 13 years younger than I am, so she’s never had any baby experience. She came down at Christmas for a few days and loved hanging out with the dudes. They were only a month old then, so she was shocked at how huge and interactive they are now! And I know how she feels–these big babies have grown and changed too much!




Andy’s first Father’s Day portrait!


The inevitable outtake of one baby trying to eat the other one:




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