7 months!

Dear sweet babies,

You are seven months old!


Strangely, this past month feels like it’s been really long. I guess it’s good that time is slowing down a little, because I don’t want to rush any of this baby time. And this is a pretty good time for all of us–you are extra adorable and interactive, but we’re not worrying about chasing you around our dangerous house.  In general, we’re all doing pretty well.


The biggest “first” for this month is probably eating “solids”. You tried out high chairs for the first time, and we started feeding you some rice cereal and oatmeal. (Separate post on that coming soon.)


There are still no teeth to be found in either of your mouths, but you’re both still grabbing and gnawing on everything you possibly can. I’m sure that soon we’ll finally see some baby pearlies pop through.


You guys continue to wiggle and roll to the side a lot. M, you rolled from your back to your tummy exactly twice this month, but don’t seem to care about practicing. You’ve also apparently forgotten or decided to abandon rolling from your tummy to your back. E, you roll from your tummy to your back after about two seconds, and you are SO close to rolling over from your back to your tummy.


You both can rotate on your tummy to turn to something you like. It’s pretty fun. E, you now rotate in the crib if you’re in your sleepsack, and M, you recently started scooting up the crib on your back.

You are both really good at standing. You’ve been doing it for a couple months, but now, we only have to hold you lightly to balance–you fully support your entire weight on your strong little chunky legs!


No crawling or anything yet. Thank goodness–I’m not in any hurry for that to happen! But, when I hold you, sometimes you do this jumpy-leg thing, and I wonder if that is a crawling pre-cursor.

M, you have mastered tripod sitting and can now sit unassisted for quite awhile, provided you don’t try to look up too far, or you topple over. E, you’ve got tripod sitting and are almost ready to sit up without guidance.


You’re both ticklish!! If I tickle the back of your neck/shoulders, you hunch up and make this huge grin and high-pitched giggle. Super adorable!

Also, you still have these amazing squishy chunks of thighs which I love to squeeze and nibble. You seem to also find this delightful and will often giggle.


Oh, speaking of giggles–M, you have a high-pitched, high-powered giggle. (I need to get this on video!) E, yours starts out as a Beavis and/or Butthead (I never could remember which was which) “heh. heh. heh” that then transforms into a regular higher-pitched giggle.

E, you started playing your own version of peek-a-boo, or really making us play with you. We look away and then look back at you, and you laugh. Sometimes, you actually do the looking away!

Not only do you reach for things you want, even if they’re out of reach, now if you drop something, you go trying to find it. Previously once you dropped it you immediately forgot about it. And, M, you have figured out that if a toy is not quite in grabbing distance, you can grab and pull the blanket to bring it closer to you! Genius!

You are getting really good at manipulating the toys on your various babygear. Spinny toys are particularly fun, along with noisy buttons that you seek out on purpose instead of accidentally. Any toy or object you can pick up, you alternate between trying to eat it and banging it/waving it around.

DSC_4413-2 DSC_4421-4

Another big development is figuring out how your mouth and tongue and voice work. E, you do kind of a gibberish noise and do raspberries, and M, you go through phases of raspberries, lip sucking, and various syllables (mahmahmah, etc).

Sleeping has been interesting this month. Your nap schedule is kind of out the window, but the flip side is that you started taking at least one longer nap. Up to now you’d only do 45 minutes at a time, but now most days you’ll take one hour and a half nap (occasionally up to two hours), in addition to three other 45 minute naps.


Night sleep has been very up and down. For a few weeks, one or both of you would be up for an hour or more in the middle of the night. (On one memorable occasion, you did that back to back.) However, several times when one of you was wide awake, the other slept completely through it with zero wakeups. And then, miracle of miracles, we actually got a few nights here and there with neither of you waking up even once! Sometimes there are still a short wakeup or two, but it seems to have gotten better from earlier this month. Thank goodness! Mama and Daddy are really enjoying and needing that extra sleep.

M, I finally made myself trim your baby wings last month, and this month it was finally E’s turn. Your hair was getting seriously long and shaggy in the back. I trimmed it enough to look a little more presentable. I couldn’t bring myself to touch the top craziness, though. That’s all your original baby hair, and it’s so wild and funny! You really will need a professional haircut very soon, though. baby blog pics 3

One of the reasons we really need to get your hair reined in is of course because you got your helmet this month. Happily, it’s not bothering you and you continue to be your normal cute happy self.


This month was your first Father’s Day! You have such a great Daddy who loves you so much.


When we hold you, you are always so alert and looking around at everything and everyone. No more little baby snuggling into us like you used to. But sometimes when you’re tired or upset, you’ll cling a little extra and lay your head down on our shoulder. It is so sweet and we love those moments.

And of course, in general, we love you! You are such wonderful and adorable babies. Thank you for being you.




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