Our Favorite Toys for Babies, 3-6 month edition

When I went to the big re-sale a couple months ago, I had a very specific list of items that I knew the babies would need in the short term. When I saw the huge area of big toys, I froze. I tried to think about the next 5-6 months and what the babies would do or learn or want or play with. And I had utterly no idea what, say, a 9 month old could use.

So I figure that as I go along, I’ll keep track of the toys we use in age-ranges of our babies, in hope that someday, another mama will find it useful! This isn’t an official review or sponsored post, it’s just what our babies have liked.

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If you’ve seen any other lists like this, or have things to add, please let me know in the comments!


Sophie the Giraffe–goes without saying. They like them, but they don’t actually love them. For awhile, they would get frustrated because they had trouble holding it and getting part of it in their mouth. As they’ve gotten bigger and more dextrous, they like it better.


Winkel–I saw this on a few lists/blogs awhile ago and got one. They’ve loved it for months–at first to look at, and then to very slowly practice their gripping and holding, and then to try to eat.

Activity Ball (on the bottom right)–A bigger, louder version of the Winkel. Picked it up at a re-sale and sure enough, the babies really like it.


Squishy books–a friend sent us three of these, and seriously, they are still some of their favorite toys. At this point they don’t care about the touchable stuff on the pages, they just love that a) the front page crinkles, and b) they can tug and pull to their hearts’ content.


Baby Einstein Take-along Tunes–the orthotist had this in her office to entertain babies, and it was an instant love for E. We got one the following week and both babies adore it.


Bumbo–it’s not very fun or interesting, but it’s somewhere for the babies to sit with support.

Baby Super Seat–like a Bumbo BUT BETTER. Supported sitting without fat little legs getting stuck, AND an attachable activity tray. The babies’ favorite activity is playing with (ie, banging and eating) the little cups! Slowly they’ve learned to manipulate and play with/gum the other objects.

We’ve been using the Bumbo and Super Seat as seats while we feed them. Very mobile and convenient.



Piano mat — We had a regular activity mat with the hanging toys, but then I heard about this one. I waffled on it for awhile, but I am so glad we got it. It’s really fun for the babies. It’s an activity mat but it also has a kickable piano at the bottom! Plus, as you see, the piano can change position so that babies can sit at it. In theory, then, it should last far longer than the standard activity mat.


O Ball  It’s a bendable ball full of holes. Easy for baby to grab and try to eat. Tons of fun.


Jumperoo–Love it. They are so adorable when they bounce! Also, as they’ve gotten bigger and better with their motor control, they’ve discovered more of the toys and functions.


Exersaucer–Love it too. And just like the jumperoo, they’ve figured out more fun stuff that this does and noises that it makes.


Taggies ball–Tinkly bell sound plus big and squishy plus lots of tags to grab/eat. What’s not to love?

Tell me what your babies love to play with!

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  1. I saw that activity mat with the piano too late. Our son would have loved it! He also LOVES his jumperoo. The Bumbo was a bust for us. He just isn’t interested in being contained (we’re in so much trouble). We have a Johnny Jump Up hanging in a doorway that he seems to like. Recently, I found a Move and Crawl Ball from VTech at the consignment store that he likes. Plus, any ball is a HUGE success. I need to find a Taggie blanket or ball. He has a soccer Taggie ball, but he’s too busy chewing on the plastic clip that hangs it on the car seat.

    1. The bumbo *is* boring! That’s why we like the super seat so much. I got a johnny jump up but only tried with them once and they were unsure of what to do! I need to remember to try it again. The taggie blankets are great– ours each have one that they really like to snuggle and snack on.

  2. The winkels and o-balls are great as are any easy to grip item. My current fav “tool” rather than toy are toy links. BrightStar toy links
    Got these for my sis’s 2nd pregnancy and have also usedsome by Sassy brand at work in the infant room. Kids can play w/them, and great for teething/chewing. Tons of uses: linked together, attached to winkels & other toys, onto a bouncer, a stroller, baby bag, and easy to sanitize.

    Stacking cups, shakers, blocks etc are classic go-to toys for the 1st year.

    1. I’ve heard of those links but didn’t really get why they would be fun–but yeah, now that makes sense!
      We need to find some stacking toys/rings and some wooden blocks soon. Those’ll go on the next list for sure. 🙂

  3. When M was 3-6 months old, she loved mirrors, her activity mat – especially any dangle toys she could pull down that would vibrate back up – board books, and taggies. She also loved her exersaucer so much that we called it her office and told her eight times a day it was time to go to work. 😉 It’s funny to think back on this time – she was three months a whopping eleven months ago (eep! time flies!) – because she has zero interest in any of that stuff anymore, except the books. If we set her loose in a library, she’d probably play happily there all day.

    1. Ours have never been into mirrors, strangely. At least not the activity mat ones, and only mild interest in big mirrors when we hold them and look together. Thanks for the reminder about those vibrating pull toys–we have one but I need to dig it out. Haha, I love the exersaucer ‘office’! So glad to hear she loves books so much. Hope ours turn out the same way!

  4. This list is perfect!! I have almost exactly the same set-up for my twins, minus the kick-piano, which I wish I had gotten. Only two additions: One is the v-tech sit to stand learning walker — it has this detachable part, a bit like the kick piano you have and the kids LOVE it. It sings and lights up. The other is the the Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker. They love chewing on the rings and banging them together or on other objects. They’re 10 months old now and still love the rings.

    1. Awesome! I have definitely heard good things about that sit to stand toy, but kept waffling. Do your babies still play with it? I wondered how long ours would like it. I got some stacking rings last month and the babies love it! It’ll be in the next round-up. 🙂

  5. Hello!! I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for compiling these age specific lists for all of the other twin/multiples mommies out there (like me)!! I cannot speak for others but they are extremely helpful for me! I recently, well almost 6 months ago, had a set of twin boys and prior to that I hadn’t had a child in over 10 years! Needless to say, I FORGOT EVERYTHING…. Haaa! Something as simple as Christmas shopping has become a nightmare because I cannot seem to come up with any ideas on what to buy the boys. Then I googled TOYS FOR INFANT TWINS’ and thankfully I stumbled upon your blog!! Now I know the perfect things to get for them!! I will definitely visit very often for new content so I😃can get some more really great ideas. So….. Thank you for taking the time to help other parents of twins’ with whatever they’re dealing with at that point of development. It is greatly appreciated!! I’m super excited😝to stay updated in future posts!! Thanks again and God bless!
    You’re new faithful fan,

    1. Thanks for the comment and congrats on your twins! My twins were probably 5-6 months old in all these photos. They were born at 36weeks so not too far off adjustment-wise. (And now they’re 4.5!) These will probably be perfect for your twins to enjoy for awhile!

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