Summer Bucket List #3: the Yard!

Well, more specifically, the kiddie pool!

This was a simple one, but even so, I’m really excited I finally did it! I have a tendency to procrastinate (umm…see this post a few weeks late…)

I went to Fred Meyer one weekend and their small plastic pools were only ten bucks. I also picked up two plastic adirondack chairs and some small plastic tables.


Our little patio now looks super cute and homey! We already spent a lovely hour reading there in the warm night air after babies’ bedtime.

Since our front yard doesn’t have any shade of its own, so we’d talked about getting a cheap standing umbrella at IKEA. Of course when we did get to IKEA a few days later, they were out of them. But then we saw a better and more expensive umbrella (the Baggon). It wasn’t that much more and it seemed like it would actually work better for us, so we got it.

The next day we set it all up and the day after that I finally got one of the babies in the pool! I just dragged it so that it matched up with the shade that the umbrella gave at that time.


M hung out for a couple minutes before he figured out he could splash. Splash splash splash! I also lay him down (the water was only a couple inches deep) and let him kick splash kick splash kick splash. Super cute!

The next day, while our nanny was here, we got both babies in the pool (during E’s helmet break time). E also took a few minutes to get acclimated and figure out splashing. And then, splashy splashy!



At one point, M put his arm around E.


A few moments later, E pushed him away. Heh.IMG_0335


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  1. it’s crazy how small updates like chairs and an umbrella can go such a long way toward functionality! I totally didn’t know umbrellas like that exist, but how cool is that? and the last two photos together as a sequence are making me giggle. 🙂

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