Summer Bucket List #4: Berry Picking!

Two summers ago, we visited Portland and did a short visit to Sauvie Island to get some fresh corn at one of the many farms, and enjoy the rural scenery. And then a year ago, we went apple picking in the Berkshires and really enjoyed it. So, since we moved here to Portland, I’ve been looking forward to getting out to Sauvie Island to pick some fruit! It was the item I was third-most excited about for our summer list. We figured that it would be a great time to go while Andy’s family was here visiting. And it was!


As we walked back to the berry fields, we passed the flowers and then the veggies.



Blueberries! We wanted to pick enough to make a delicious cobbler. It was quite tedious–I now really appreciate the time and effort it takes to get those neat little pints of berries!




Happy grandparents!DSC_6294-12 DSC_6302-14

We also picked some raspberries quickly. I tasted one right off the vine and YUM. It practically melted in my mouth. DSC_6325-18 DSC_6326-19 DSC_6330-20

There were two rows of Early Red Haven peaches that were ready, so we trekked over and grabbed a few handfuls.


Here is the box of berries we ended up with. Beautiful as well as extremely tasty!   DSC_6372-27

I really can’t wait to go back. Hopefully this summer for more blueberries/raspberries, and then later for apples and corn, and then next year for strawberries!

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