Summer Family Road Trip

Part 2 of our busy family July was a road trip up to Seattle for a long weekend. We were there mainly to see some family (mine this time), but also took the opportunity to play tourist with the babies.

I only realized after we’d gotten back home that we neglected to take grandparent photos. I’ll have to make sure we do that next time we get up there. I don’t know when that will be–maybe before the end of the year/early next year? We did get a few family photos while we were out and about though.

Packing up: I love our CR-V. It would be super awesome if there were like an extra foot of trunk space, though. I guess packing will be easier when the babies need less baby stuff.


We stayed at my dad’s house, which has this gorgeous view:


And this silly dog who loves to play fetch:


And somehow these babies sit up on the counter now! When we were here in January, they were little bitty babies in their boppies.


On that January trip, I basically sat around one house or the other, mostly trapped with the babies. It was boring and long and boring. So this time, we made sure to explore a bit. Thankfully the babies were willing to play along.

First up, we hit downtown Seattle! I haven’t been there in awhile, so it was fun for me to see the sights too. We did a very quick look around Pioneer Square (mostly the awesome toy shop), but there was some noisy construction going on and we didn’t want to upset the babies (lately they’ve been noticing and not liking loud and/or sudden noises).


So we moved over to the Pike Place area! We strolled through the market but didn’t stop, because argh, the crowds.




We did go find some ice cream for “lunch”. It was super delicious.


And then the babies had lunch in the car. IMG_0636-6

On the second day, we went east to Snoqualmie Falls:


It was another gorgeous day! The mist from the falls was drifting all the way up the cliff, and it was quite refreshing.


Since we were so close to North Bend, of course we had to have lunch at Scott’s Dairy Freeze! It’s one of those local burgers/fries/shakes joints that is always tasty and refreshing.         IMG_0683-3

That day we also stopped by one of my favorite places in the whole Northwest–Boehm’s Candies. I always say that if heaven doesn’t smell like that shop, I don’t want to go. If you’re ever near Issaquah, you should go!


Day three was a big adventure–Whidbey Island. The babies’ first boat ride!


I think it’s safe to say they were confused and/or fascinated by the views. IMG_0717-5

We got to my aunt Molly’s house and they took a nap together in their pack n play.


When they were awake, they were passed around and they were totally into it–lots of new faces all looking at them!


The whole gang!


We had planned to leave before their dinner, but there was a huge wait for the ferry. So we ended up feeding them at my aunt’s house and then later, driving around Deception Pass. They slept the whole way, thank goodness. It was a three hour drive to get back to my dad’s house, but it would have taken that long to wait for the ferry and drive anyway. So it was a loooong day.

Altogether it was a good trip. I was really happy and relieved that they did so well being not only away from home, but carted around to so many new places, not to mention having their naps interrupted by outings. By the last day, they fussed a little being put into the car seats, but that was the extent of their protests. What amazing babies!!

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