Summer Bucket List #5 and #6: Brunch and Party

#5: Brunch with babies!



So we’d had the babies with us in a couple other restaurant situations. They had sat in high chairs in a couple fast food places, and we did one fairly-quick Red Robin dinner with my dad.


But I wanted to do a purposeful restaurant outing with just the four of us and have a bit of yummy food too. So we went to Old Wives’ Tales, which is a kid-friendly diner-type place. We’ve been there before; in fact, it was the very first restaurant we brought the babies to. They were like 4 weeks old and slept in their infant seats the whole time.


We made sure to bring several toys to ‘entertain’ them, and to be prepared to give them sips of water from our glasses. Then we decided to let them try the orange slices that came with our dishes. It was their first citrus and they seemed to like it!


Even more than the toys they liked looking around at the new surroundings and new people. They were kind of quiet, I think just taking it all in. Thankfully it was pretty quiet in the restaurant; I have a feeling that they might have gotten overwhelmed otherwise.

Anyway, it was definitely a success and I am excited that we know we can take them out occasionally!

#6: Host a social gathering

We’ve lived in our house for almost a year now. It was finally time to have some people over!

Last fall, I happened across a meetup group for expectant mamas in our quadrant of Portland. We met up in October and everyone seemed really nice. A few of us started getting together to craft and chat, and then in December after all of the babies were born, we would get together at different members’ houses to hang out and talk babies. It was so great. All the girls are kindred spirits and I loved every time we got to hang out.

However, I’d never had everyone over to our place. Partly because we have a small living room and until a few months ago it wasn’t set up to accommodate a group. But now it’s summer, we rearranged our living room to be more open and spacious, and we have our little front yard. So it was time to play host!


Of course I started a pinterest board for tasty and trendy snacks…but then I decided to keep it low-key. I made these muffins–chocolate chip with a few blueberries. We made some white cheddar popcorn, got some cheese and crackers, and set out a bowl of the fresh blueberries we’d picked recently.



Three of the families were able to make it, so there were five babies total. All of the other babies were crawling at least a little, but happily everyone stayed safe in our non-baby-proofed space. Then we got everyone into the baby pool! There was lots of fun happy splashing.


Overall, it was great to see everyone and host them at our place. I hope that we’ll be able to see them all again soon, and sometime we’ll do another gathering.

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  1. Yay! So glad you got to have people over! I love hosting parties. As soon as my stuff gets here from Beirut (which could be next week!!) I want to start thinking about a dinner party 🙂

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