Nine months

DSC_0922-6 Dear sweet babies,

You are nine months old! Three quarters of a year! As always, I can’t believe it. You’re getting so big  and you’re still so adorable and fun to hang out with.


Your official stats from your 9 month checkup:
Malcolm: 20lbs 14oz, 28.5 inches long
Emmett: 20lbs 4oz, 28 inches long

You’re both right in the middle of the growth charts. Hurray!


Here’s what you’ve been up to this past month:


The day after you turned eight months, we put away the six month outfits and put you in nine month clothes. For some reason it’s always a surprise to me when you grow out of things–maybe something about how changes are so slow but constant. Nothing is static but I can only see it in hindsight. Here are your first nine-month outfits:

2013-07 (July)6

You each still have your same two teeth; no new ones have popped up yet. I have a feeling that future teeth may not be as easy as those first two.


You’re still not crawling. However, you are both clearly heading in that direction, slowly. You sit up and lean/reach forward forward forward, until you flop onto your belly. Sometimes you can keep one knee up. Nothing happens then except you getting confused and frustrated. Also, you still do your little butt bounce, and you can actually scoot forward that way, albeit very slowly. When we sit you both on the playmat, within a few minutes you have each moved so that you’re sitting really close to each other. It’s impressive and cute and a little nerve-wracking (thinking about how mobile you’ll be before I know it! Ack!).


You are starting to interact a lot more, on purpose. Sure, a lot of time it’s stealing toys back and forth, and sometimes it’s hair grabbing. But you also like to look at each other, screech back and forth like you’re ‘talking’, and you’ll as freely grab the other’s hand or foot as your own.

You still like to talk–your syllables are getting more distinct and more frequent. You can’t quite imitate us yet though. You still like to do raspberries:


One new thing is that Malcolm, you seem to get angry and ‘yell’ at us. Mainly it happens in the evening as we’re getting you ready for dinner and bedtime. You hate being laid down on the changing table and getting your outfit changed, and you will ‘cry’ in an extra loud, yell-y tone with no tears. Clearly you do NOT like it and want to make sure that we know it! You also started making this “Ah! Ah!” noise. It’s not a mad kind of noise; more like sometimes indignant and sometimes to get attention, and sometimes probably just to make noise.

Emmett, you’ve been exploring holding things in a new way–you like to hold a toy or your little hat up in the air with one hand, and then bat at it with your other hand. You also like to practice this with nothing in your hands, especially while lying in your crib. It looks like you’re playing an invisible triangle. Adorable.


Malcolm, you have discovered your hands. Mostly your left one. You move it, open and close it, while staring at it as if it doesn’t even belong to you. It’s kind of hilarious.

You’ve both figured out how the mirror works. You smile whenever we put you in front of it. Malcolm, you like to grab the edge of the mirror, while Emmett, you like to pat the surface of the mirror itself. You both also look around to see another person behind you in the room or on the playmat. Pretty smart!


Your standing is really coming along–you can pretty much stand on your own while holding onto things. Very impressive! (Also, I can’t get enough of those chunky thigh rolls!!)


Emmett, you’ve had your helmet for two months now. You are making really good progress. The orthotist is very impressed! The asymmetry is almost gone and so now we’re just waiting for your head to round out a little more in the back.


Rattles are great toys for you right now: you love to shake them and hear noise. (And then put them in your mouth.) Your favorite is a super-plasticky one I got at the last resale that clacks really loudly.

When you’re in your crib or on the floor, you’ve started to lift your arms when you see one of us approaching–it’s like you’re telling us, oh good, you’re here, pick me up please. It melts my heart a little every time!


Emmett, you started doing this thing when we carry you, you put one little hand/arm on our shoulder like you’re our buddy just hanging out. Malcolm, when you are excited about something, you flap and wave both your arms. No mistaking your feelings! Both of you do an excited pant when something is fun or funny–you sound like little puppies instead of babies. 🙂

We finally moved you out of your little baby car seats. First we put the ‘regular’ seats in our stroller. You go back and forth between enjoying the view, and getting overwhelmed by it. We also finally put the new, giant convertible car seats into the car. I can’t believe how big you are now–how big you were looking in that little carrier seat, and how much space you have in the big-kid seat.

2013-08 (Aug)

Speaking of big kids, you got your first real haircuts! I had done little trims of the mullet edges a few months ago, but you were both starting to get really shaggy all over, so it was time to get a professional to take care of it. You look so much older now!

Also, we passed a sentimental ‘milestone’–you reached 36 weeks 1 day of age, which is the same amount of time you spent on the inside. I still can’t believe I grew you in my body. And that now you’re so big.


As cliche and cheesy as it sounds, we are really enjoying seeing you become more aware of the world and your opinions about it, and watching your personalities develop. We still love to hold you and hug you and laugh with you!



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