Eleven Months

Dear sweet babies,


You are eleven months old!


That means, good lord, you’re going to be a whole YEAR old soon! My mama heart cannot believe it. I will continue to call you my babies even after you start toddling around, and probably far after that as well.


You are really starting to really become not just bigger babies, but your person elements are starting to peek through, just a little bit. You are taking in so much all the time and always learning and looking. Sometimes it’s a handful as you’re exploring, but it’s also pretty fun. I can’t believe that your official babyhood is almost over.


Here are the new and interesting things that happened this past month as ten-month-olds:

Well, the biggest event for us, your tired parents, was the 9 month sleep regression finally hitting. Ugghh, you woke up for 1-1.5 hours every night. We would feed you and sometimes just let you play downstairs (with the lights very dim). The only good thing was that, after you went back to sleep, you’d sleep until at least 730 (instead of your typical 630ish waking). Altogether the regression lasted a little less than three weeks, and we are still trying to catch up on sleep.


A big development is that both of you are pulling up to standing, including in your cribs! You want to be standing all.the.time. You’ll pull yourselves up on the baby gates, on my desk chair, on the exersaucer, on the book bin, even on our pantlegs! Then you also learned how to lower your little selves back down to sitting, nice and gentle. Impressive!



Now that you’re standing so much, you’ve begun wanting to move, working on practicing walking. You have MAJORLY improved in a really short amount of time! It turns out that the rocking horse that you love to ride also works as a walker. You hold the handles and walk the horsey backward. You are seriously fast now!


(more videos here)

In other physical news, M, three new teeth have shown up: your top incisors and a bottom tooth (so you now have 2 1/2 all in a row).

You’ve both also grown a bit–we’ve got you in 12-month jammies. You’re still wearing 9 month onesies, but you wear 9 and 12 month pants.


We’ve introduced some new foods this month, namely meat! We gave you some chicken-apple puree. That was actually the very first time your little systems experienced any meats at all, since I didn’t eat any while I was pregnant or pumping. Happily you seem to like it!

You’ve also tried some toast. Neither of you were impressed when I first gave it to you. Too funny! M, you ended up liking it, but E, you are not a fan.


Your interaction with each other is definitely increasing. You still steal toys and books from each other for a good portion of the day, but we have noticed a lot more fun interactions too. E, you’ve started to give sort-of kisses and hugs to M! Both of you like to pull each other’s hair, and the interesting thing is that the pull-ee only protests some of the time. Maybe you’re getting used to it? You like to look at each other more and more, and you also like to follow each other to different areas of the living room or kitchen. I can’t believe that soon enough you’ll truly be able to play together.

You’ve also been more snuggly with us, which I think was a side benefit of the sleep regression. For the past month or two, when we tried to hold you, you wanted to buck out of our arms and look or explore elsewhere. But this month I noticed that you clearly wanted to be held more, and that you were happier and quieter in our arms. I think it’s pretty great, because snuggling you is still one of my favorite activities!


This month you also got little colds–really, just some serious nasal congestion and some sneezing. That was concurrent with the sleep regression, which probably made you both extra unhappy. So much snorting and sniffling! And so much fighting against the NoseFrida! Poor tortured babies.


Happily, you found some new toys that bring you lots of enthusiasm. I brought out the toy wagon I found at a resale, with the seat/lid. You discovered that you can open and close the lid, and that your plastic blocks can be hidden in there. Lots of fun.

You also started playing with the plastic stacking toy, and BOY do you love those. If you see the rings all stacked up, you are apparently obligated to unstack them.


A gross ‘toy’ you found this month was our shoes. I don’t know how many times you wandered over to the little rack table thing by the front door and got a shoe edge IN YOUR MOUTH. Gack. You do it all the time! Gross! We need to lock up our footwear, obviously.

But your greatest joy has been the discovery of banging things together. It started with the old plastic measuring cups–you played with (chewed on) them, and then we helped you realize that two of them could be clapped together to make a noise! Later in the month one of you realized that you could grab two of the bottle lids and bang those together. Now you will find any two like things and bang bang bang away happily. Endless entertainment with simple household items–love it!


Now of course, since both of you love that so much, you will frequently drop and steal the cups or lids from each other. Cue much crying and frustration, until you once again have two similar things to bang together. Sigh.

E, you went through a couple weeks of being super wriggly on the changing table. You wanted to turn around and try to roll away! The strap didn’t even do any good, you could still turn all the way over onto your tummy *under* the strap. It was almost impossible to change your diaper! And then fastening your onesie again…geez, it was a tough time. I did figure out to give you a rattle or some cups to bang and that would usually distract you enough to get you changed. I don’t have a photo of this because I was terrified you’d fall off the changing table!

M, you started doing this super froggy kick on the changing table. Occasionally it’s out of frustration, but most of the time it’s sheer unbridled enthusiastic energy. It’s really cute and I can’t help smiling back at you when you do it. It does make putting your pants on pretty difficult though.

I can’t believe how much you’re growing and changing. We love you so much and can’t wait to see what happens next!

love, mama

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  1. Seriously, Malcolm on the table froggy kicking and banging plastic measuring cups together? CUTEST THING EVER. Your kids could not possibly be any more adorable, Julie. xo

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