Practicing Walking

While we were at the orchard a few weeks ago, M took my hands and started walking!

(M orchard)

At home, I put him on the horsey and he walked in across the room, slowly and jerkily.

He kept practicing and practicing. He also started cruising along the couch, but only in one direction (to the right). He also started doing high-stepping marches around the activity table, again, only to the right. (When E is at the table with him, M just kind of plows through him. Poor E.)

One day the nanny and I put E on the horse and M pushed them both!

M showing off his awesome walking skills.

E finally decided to try practice walking with the horse too. Here he is in the morning.

And later that same day! He made progress in less than 12 hours that took M a week or two.

E’s current practice walking:

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