Giving Thanks

Last Thanksgiving kind of didn’t exist for us. The babies were born the day before, so our second day all together was still a hospital blur of pain medication, the tedious process of feeding babies every few hours, and being stupid with exhaustion. I don’t think I even got a shower until the third day. Thanksgiving was not anywhere near the front of my mind, to say the least.

So technically this is not the babies’ first Thanksgiving, but it sure feels like it. This is our first real Thanksgiving as a family of four, in our warm and cozy home in this still-new-to-us city. Really, I am–we are–so (and I hate how cliche it sounds!) blessed.

We have these adorable babies who have been really healthy. They are decent sleepers, by our great luck. Their development and growth has been pretty much right on track. There are grandparents, relatives and friends who love them so much. My husband and I work at being a good parenting partnership, sharing and alternating duties as much as possible, to keep ourselves as sane and healthy as possible.

This summer, we started making conscious efforts to go out to do things together as a family. Sometimes it’s really neat stuff like visiting Mt Hood for a day, but more often it’s a walk in the neighborhood or a trip to the grocery store. It just matters that a) we’re getting out of the house, and b) that we’re all together.

I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have this wonderful family!


I hope everyone out there has had a lovely day with their own families and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

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