Second Haircuts

After the babies turned eleven months old, they had some seriously shagadelic hair going on. It was getting ridiculous, so I bit the bullet and booked for their second ever haircuts.  IMG_2051-22

After the fiasco last time, I decided to do the haircuts on a day our nanny was here, so that she could go with me as an extra set of arms and hands to hold and soothe babies.

This time, though, there was no freaking out and no crying! Both babies stayed calm the whole time. They weren’t, like, laughing and happy, but they were not upset. E even started playing with the car chair he was in!


Also phew to get some of the masses of hair cut off–it was so thick everywhere!

But I was dreading how suddenly grown-up they might look…and I was right. 😦

What I didn’t plan on was the Dumb and Dumber hairline cuts around the babies’ faces. I wanted a lot cut off the front so that their bangs wouldn’t grow back in like five seconds, but isn’t it possible to have short hair at the top and front without it being shaped like a circle? At least E’s hair sticks up at the back, so that hair height takes away some of the roundness. But M’s hair sits flat and so his whole head looks round. :/  Clearly I need to find an actual haircut to suggest next time we go to a salon.

Regardless, I’m still glad that they got a haircut! And I’m so glad they were calmer this time. Maybe someday they’ll be more animated and happy when we’re there.

DSC_1482-54 DSC_1481-53 DSC_1480-52 DSC_1479-51 DSC_1473-45

Look at these grown-up babies!!


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    1. Haha, I know–poor Malcolm was clearly unsure of the whole situation. I wonder if he was trying to be stoic since Emmett wasn’t reacting as much!

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