Thirteen Months Old!

Dear sweet babies who are technically no longer babies,


Thirteen months! More than a year! Ack.

That was the best ‘birthday’ photo I got of you guys because you do NOT want to just sit still, at least not on the couch. You’d rather crawl sideways or try to lean OFF the couch. Oh boy–soon you’ll be leaping off of all sorts of things and what will I do. :/


You both are really growing and developing and changing–it is so neat and fun to watch! Well, it’s mostly fun. M, this month you learned to fake cry! You throw your head back and go WAAAH but there are no tears and once you get what you want you magically are happy again. We’re on to you, little buddy. 🙂

E, you’ve started playing hide-and-seek with stuff. You had already been playing by hiding your whole self around a corner, but this month you started using other things to ‘hide’ your face–like the lid of your shape-sorter. You hold it up to your face, and we say, “Where’s E? Where are you, E?” and then you make us wait, then lower the object, all ta-da, with a giant grin. “There you are!”


You both have started to “share” toys — you hold it out and then want it right back. However, you only do this with us, not with each other. With each other you just grab your brother’s toy and then your brother gets upset. Sigh.


When you play with your shape-sorter, you have finally started figuring out how to pick up a block and put it back into the bucket!

You’ve both figured out how to use the spiral toy–M, you can put one of the little balls on the track so it will roll down. E, you have learned to put the froggy in the little elevator thing and press the button to release it!

Your physical development is really coming along. You are little speed demons on the stairs lately (with supervision only, of course), and you’ve started to work on using spoons at meal time! You can grasp the spoon and we’re helping you practice ‘scooping’ food and then putting it in your mouth.  Someday (not terribly soon, but someday all the same) you’ll actually be able to eat by yourselves…

Speaking of food, you both get either hungry enough or you just know our schedule well enough that you get upset when you want to eat! “Give us food already!!”  We recently started giving you Cheerios, which you LOVE, and which act as a perfect appetizer as we finish getting everything else ready. You get meats and veggies at dinner still, but you get picky or ornery about the meat sometimes–you want those veggies! I know that won’t last…     2014-01-11_0007

AND–happy news for our wallets–this month we finished our last can of formula!! Now you have three bottles of organic whole milk throughout the day, in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner.


M, you randomly learned about the word “dance.” And if we ask you to dance, you close your eyes and bop your head back and forth. It’s adorable and we have NO idea where that came from! Unfortunately, it only lasted a few days, and now you and E  bounce your little baby legs when we asked you to dance. Still cute. 🙂 Here’s a tiny snippet:

E, you started climbing into the book bin! On purpose. Repeatedly. Sometimes you get stuck but sometimes you just kind of hang out and play in there for awhile. Such a silly baby!


You’ve been working on your walking! M, you’ll take like 7 or 8 steady steps and E, you started taking a few steps here and there too. With both of you, we have you “practice” by sending you back and forth between two of us. What you really love, though, is walking with help–when we grab your hands, you take off! And of course, you still love walking the horsey and wagon back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.


You have been sick most of this month. It’s hard to see you having a tough time, especially since there isn’t much we can do. You had some colds and then you got pinkeye! Happily we got you some drops right away and it seemed to clear up quickly. We finally got a humidifier for your room, which seemed to help with the constant coughing. M, you got really clingy with Daddy this month–maybe related to feeling sick? Who cares, though–baby hugs are the best. 🙂 E, you had a couple episodes of vomiting. We didn’t know what caused it, and you didn’t seem upset by it, thank goodness. It was sad, though, and yeah, a little gross. It must not have been too serious though, because it didn’t last.

We set up the double wagon you got as a first birthday gift and have taken you for a couple walks–you love it! You get to look around even more than in the stroller. And you’re extra cute in there too. 🙂


We took you to a real pool for the first time this month! It was a party for the twins club, but we didn’t have much chance to talk to the other families. You both took awhile to just take in the big open space–looking around and not paying attention to the water. E, you soon started splashing around happily. M, you were a little more hesitant, until I took you to where there was a little ledge of falling water–you really liked playing with that. I hope that in the next year we all take more family outings to a pool so you can play and enjoy yourselves.


This month was technically your second Thanksgiving, but it felt like the first. You still had no idea about the holiday, but we sure are thankful to have such sweet, playful, adorable babies!!




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