Goals and Hopes for the New Year


Sigh. I have no idea.

I feel like January snuck up on me this year. (Though honestly, I think I feel that way every year.) The end of December was the four of us at home together again, so I wasn’t really in a mental space to start thinking about next year. As January started, I’ve been spending hours working on my photography business: working through the Amazing Biz Workbook, doing an e-course, and writing down other notes and ideas. This means that the process of developing my regular goals for my regular life have been left behind and forgotten.

I just right now looked at my goals I made for 2013. And holy crap, I accomplished almost all of them!

Not, obviously, blogging here once a week. I currently have more than two dozen drafts in varying stages of doneness, and I am hoping to whittle those down here in the new year.

I read 52 books last year, which was awesome. Almost all of them were YA (young adult) novels read on my kindle. [I am staunchly pro-physical-book…but dude, the convenience of the kindle cannot be overstated. Find a book on the internet (library) and then a few seconds later it’s right in front of you! Magic!! Magic *and* free books–what could possibly be better?] Anyway, a few of my favorites from the year were Code Name Verity, Something Like Normal, Stupid Fast, the Red Blazer Girls series.

I actually did a decent job of “doing something active”. I went for walks at least a couple times a week for most of the year (and upped that to just about every day near the end). I got a pedometer in November and that has helped me be more aware of my movement/activity.

I did continue/complete my Year In Pictures project for the year. I did upgrade my camera (from the Nikon D300 to the Nikon D600–IT IS AWESOME). We took monthly family photos and monthly couch photos for each ‘birthday’. We definitely did a couple events as a family, though we still haven’t gone to the zoo.

These are the paltry goals I’ve been able to cobble together so far:

-Read 60 books (four down already–woo!)

-Get Our Shit Together (TM)

-Do all the fun outings we did last year, again, but with bigger, more interactive babies this time. (See most of the things on the Summer Bucket List. Plus the tulip fields, apple picking, pumpkin patch.)

-New outings: the zoo, OMSI, the Children’s Museum

-Do an overnight trip away from the babies.

-Do an overnight trip to the coast with the babies.

-Generally find some time and effort to focus on being grown-ups–both as individuals and as a couple.

-Finish all twelve weeks of the MuTu system (a core strength/toning exercise program). I started it in mid-November and got through Week 4, then stalled and did the easy weeks for three weeks. Finally I got my act together and restarted Week 3…after Week 4 take 2, my knees started hurting, and I took most of the week off. So I’ll have to start again and see how I can better take care of my old-lady joints.

-Continue taking monthly family pictures, and twins-on-the-couch pictures. (Assuming that at some point they will be able to actually sit there for more than two seconds. It’s quite a circus to get the shots I do get. I really need a third adult. Or lots more pillows for the floor.)

-Work on getting to bed at a better time. For a few weeks, I was going to bed at 2/230am. For the past couple weeks, it’s been 130am. Because I am a nightowl and also an idiot.

-Be better at blogging. I have a hard time being articulate in the way that I want, so I tend to jot down some ideas and then leave it. I also have to sit on a post for at least a day because I always think of stuff to add and/or change.

This final paragraph from last year’s goals post still applies perfectly, except that this time it’s halfway through the damn month:

I feel such pressure to have some perfect beginnings for things like plans and photos ready on the first day of the year. Honestly, I’m always so scatterbrained that it just never happens. I’m a mess and I never know what day it is, so often I have to scramble to think of anything. A lifelong procrastinator, that’s me. This year is no exception–as you can tell by getting this up on January 3rd. (I wanted an extra day or two to come up with any more goal ideas.)

What are your goals this year?

5 thoughts on “Goals and Hopes for the New Year

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  1. i totally understand the pressure to have things perfectly organized and envisioned from the start of the year (or my birthday). but i love your goals for this year! i don’t really have too many formal goals, other than trying to reinvigorate my blog (or, okay: actually post there more than once every two weeks is really what i mean), seeing how long i can stick with a photo a day, keeping up with project life… but really, the whole “new baby” thing is making it hard. i’m trying to both allow for the fact that everything will change while also forcing myself to believe that i’ll still be myself (translatioN; that i’ll still want to craft and take photos all the time and read lots of books).

    1. This is an excellent point that someday I hope to write about. In short, yes, you will still want to do all those things, and after some adjustment, you’ll even find/make time to do them! 🙂 All the same, if you’re into goals, it might be better to err on the side of less intense. In previous years I’d read 100+ books, so with two babies, I randomly chose 40 as my goal for 2013. Ended up exceeding that! And kept up with Project Life, though always about a month behind. (Still need to finish up my 2013p2 album, actually, and get my new 2014 going! Potential post coming on that too. :D)

    2. And I’ve always enjoyed your birthday goals! You always come up with so many interesting things! I am terribly unimaginative and either can’t come up with things or can’t follow through on all of them.

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