Fourteen Months Old


My dear sweet babies,


Well, I think it’s official–you are toddlers! Or at least you’re acting like it. Your development has fairly exploded this month–there is SO much that you have learned to do! Almost all of it is really fun to see and experience.


Neither of you can stand up without pulling up on something. But M, you walk all the time. You toddle across and around rooms constantly. Your little waddle is ADORABLE. E, you haven’t shown much interest in walking quite yet. I’ve seen you take up to eight steps or so, but you still would rather crawl.

This was a tough month for your little gums–your molars came in! E, you have two, and M, you have three!

M, you suddenly started fake-crying at us. You screw up your face and throw your head back and yell WAAAH. It’s kind of funny…but mostly annoying. 🙂  E, this month you started using your pointer finger to point at things (you like to be carried around, pointer at the ready as you observe), and you started saying a sound like “at!” as in, “what’s that?” or “take me to see that!”. This has now evolved though as you’ve gotten to be impatient. Now you point and lean and whine this loud “EEHHHH” at everything and anything.

With this walking, you’ve been giving us more hugs lately. You toddle over to us, right into our arms for a hug. This happens especially at daycare dropoff/pickup. It is one of my favorite things right now. 🙂 You often hold out your arms to say, “Up!” or “Give me a hug!” You probably already know, but goodness, do I love hugs from my babies. 🙂


Big communication growth this month: You started shaking your head “no”, mostly when you don’t want something at mealtime. It’s very emphatic! You also figured out how to sign “all done”, which is helpful.

Our nanny started playing high-five with you. And you love waving bye-bye! You know the word–if someone says wave, or says goodbye, you start waving. AND you started blowing kisses! Out of the blue–we don’t ever do that at home, so I guess you must have seen it at daycare? Anyway, E, you move your hand from your face outward and make an “ah!” sound, while M, you just kind of lick your palm–you haven’t figured out that you’re supposed to move your hand away from your face. 🙂
2014-01 (Jan)5_WEB


Another awesome skill: putting things away!

You’ve found some fun new games to play. M, you like to play with the walking push toys, but you don’t walk with them–you pick them up and walk around, holding them up! Silly baby. And as always, you both love playing hide and seek, and now you’ve started to use other objects to ‘hide’ your face behind, like bin lids, the kitchen bucket, the shape sorter lid, a blanket.


E, when we ask you, “Where’s your nose?” You grin and slap the side of your head. Then when we say, “No, THIS is your nose!” you start giggling.

M, you like to pull up on someone’s back (mostly Daddy) and ‘hide’ behind them. Daddy says, “Where is M?? Is he behind the bin? Is he on the couch?” Then you scoot over and lean your face over as if to say, “Here I am!” with a big old smile.

You both have started CLIMBING. Lately your fave is to climb on top of the closed book bin to play/look in the toy bin next to it. You’ll also climb into the space where the hamper goes, if it’s been moved.



This month you got sick again. You both had fevers on and off for close to a week. Which meant that you stayed home from daycare several times and you did a LOT of snuggling. Poor babies! M, you ended up with a nasty double ear infection.


We started trying to work more ‘real’ food into your meal rotations–you tried pulled pork, bagels, actual peas, bread, chunks of squash. But during the fever week, you both got very picky about food. You didn’t want your normal meat purees, or even all the veggies–mostly you wanted the jarred sweet potatoes. That is one of your favorite things! Eventually the pickiness subsided a bit and we got more variety again.



E, this month we noticed that you prefer to hold your spoon in your left hand, and M, you usually hold it in your right hand. Since both Daddy and I are lefties, we are very curious to see how your handedness develops!

Your grandparents sent you a baby couch. It is the CUTEST thing to see you sitting like a big person but on something sized just for you. You love climbing on it and sitting on it. ADORABLE.




Again, you have been doing SO much new stuff this month! I just can’t believe how much you’re starting to figure out and put together, it’s so fascinating. I wonder what will be next??



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    1. Thank you!! 🙂

      That baby couch is really fun. Also, it’s so CUTE to have a little couch just sized for babies to sit like grown-ups. I hope they’ll play with it/on it for a long time.

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