Fifteen Months Old

Dear sweet babies,

You are not babies anymore–this month you definitely started acting more like toddlers! So many changes, so much growth. It’s been fascinating, and fun, and a little frustrating. Here’s what you did as 14 month olds:


You don’t talk yet, but you have been doing a lot of physical development.

First big transition: you finally moved up to the toddler room at daycare! Apparently most babies need a few days to get used to things and feel comfortable in a new place and new teachers. But you guys just went to the new room one day and loved it, and that was it! Thankfully you also started napping much better, which means you are less cranky those evenings.


You’ve been really into dancing to music. When you hear something fun, you start bopping along. So cute!


You started signing ‘milk’! We find it super cute. You’re very matter of fact — you sign it to let us know, without getting upset. And then if we wait too long, you sign it while you’re crying. As if you’re saying, “I’m telling you I want milk! Where is it? Give me some milk!”

This month you both suddenly figured out how to climb on and off the horsey and wagon. And then you start bouncing up and down so that we will push you. (I can’t wait for you to be able to push with your feet!) Sometimes brother will come over and push you, though, which is pretty adorable.

You’re no longer obsessed with banging things together. You’ve been playing with blocks for awhile already, but this month, you really started to ‘get it’. You will happily sit, stacking and unstacking, for like twenty minutes! And then you’ll help us put the blocks away in the bin. (Although sometimes you change your mind and start taking them out to play again.)



Three months after your previous haircuts and you were seriously shaggy, already overdue for another one. You switched attitudes this time–M, you were okay, and E, you needed some help and extra attention.


After the haircuts, we had lunch at a cafe. M, you walked all the way through the cafe and through the parking lot, and you probably would have kept going into the street!

E, when we got home that same day, you just decided to start walking! Maybe you just felt so much lighter and ready to go. 🙂

So now you are both *really* walking now, all the time. That means we can go on outings and let you roam free!


A few weeks later, you suddenly learned how to stand up from sitting.

So now that you are fully mobile, you do my new all-time favorite thing: you walk over to us for a hug. Oh my goodness, that is just the best.

You’ve also started playing a game: you walk away, and look back as if to say, “Chase me!” Then we come toward you and you walk away, giggling madly.

Of course you love making up games of all kinds. Hiding/peekaboo is still a big one for you.


Lots of new things around mealtimes lately. We’ve been giving you a lot of new food so you can eat more solid foods: pancakes, scrambled eggs, toast, some veggies. (You get a little picky with veggies sometimes, so we still give you purees in pouches so that we know you’re getting enough green stuff.) You’re getting more coordinated using your hands and spoons to eat. M, you are an enthusiastic eater: when you really like what you’re eating, you start bopping your whole little self. Like you’re saying, “Oh yeah, I’m eating, this is great, I’m having fun, give me more!”


M, you had your first tantrum. It was morning, and you were playing and having fun. But you needed your diaper changed, and you remained very unhappy about it even when I was done. You kept crying and flailing when I tried to hug and hold you. Then you went over and stood in this ‘corner’. When I tried to talk to you, you very pointedly turned and looked the other way. After a few minutes, I put you on my lap and played with the shape sorter, and as you watched me, you seemed to finally calm down a bit. Oh boy, that was something! I’m not looking forward to the tantrum age, I have to say. We’re trying to help articulate for you when you get upset, since you can’t communicate for yourselves yet. Maybe that will help.


When one of you does get inconsolable, it turns out that the exersaucer is kind of a magic pill to make you happy again!


This month there was a huge snowstorm! We took a couple walks out in the snow, and we attempted to let you sit in the snow, but you were not having it. Maybe next winter you’ll be ready to play in it!


And finally, one weekend we went up to visit some of your grandparents. It was quite the adventure. It’s always great when you get to explore new spaces, and since you are so mobile, everywhere was open for exploration! And this was especially exciting because you learned to climb up and slide down stairs! You LOVED doing that. It entertained you for like an hour at a time.


You were completely fascinated by Rocky the dog. You stared at him through the doors, and when he was inside, you stared at him and tried to follow him around. You kept reaching out to touch him but also getting scared and pulling your hand back.






It is so interesting watching you learn so much, and to see you be more and more ‘in the world’. We are all having a lot of fun with your new skills and curiosity. We love you so much!

love, mama

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  1. Yay! I love the videos and photos of them walking. Love those toddler walks. They are so amazingly cute I can’t get over it. Happy to see your blog post 🙂

    1. The toddling is so adorable, isn’t it? They do seem to already be better at walking than that, so it’s only a smidgen less cute (but still cute).
      Thanks–I hope to get back into posting regularly again…I got swamped with another project for the last couple months and whoops, there went the twins blog…

    1. Thanks so much! I do have a babyproofing post…one of my many drafts. I hope to get to it someday soon-ish. 🙂

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