Sixteen Months Old

Dear sweet babies,


Sixteen month old toddlers! So much going on!


You aren’t talking yet, but you’re definitely growing — we finally put you in 18 month clothes, and they are not loose. M, you have four molars and a peek of a canine, and E, you have three molars.


You had your 15 month checkup and you’re doing well. E, you’re 24 lbs and 30.5 inches, and M, you’re 25.5 lbs and 31.5 inches. While we were there, we had you get a blood draw to test your iron levels and lead levels (living in an older Portland house, I wanted to be sure). It was really hard for you, of course–getting that needle in your arm scared and hurt you! Thankfully, with lots of hugs, you calmed down pretty quickly when it was all done.


You figured out how to “throw” a ball, and then you go fetch it. 🙂

You have learned how to be helpful! You like to help us unload the dishwasher, and you help Daddy look for his shoes.


With all the running around you’re doing, we got you some backpack harnesses, and oh my LORD you are so cute with them on! You also like to hug them because they’re so soft and cuddly. We haven’t had to do much with the ‘leash’ part, but of course you hate that, you want to be freeee.


Speaking of being free, you love to walk and explore as much as you can. You realized that the front yard goes into the side yard, which goes toward the street. You start happily going and we try to rein you in, and you aren’t having it. You like to visit the front lawn of the house two doors down.

You also really love playgrounds now. You get to walk around and look at stuff, and sometimes you like going on the swings, and you get to go down the slides!

2014-03 (Mar)3_WEB

This month was our first visit to OMSI . The kid area was crowded and noisy, and you both totally kept your cool. You did a lot of looking around and a little bit of playing.

2014-03 (Mar)5_WEB

This month your headshaking “no” has gotten a lot better/more purposeful. AND you learned how to nod yes!

[] [Suddenly I can’t embed video anymore because of stupid stupid new flickr! Grr!!]

Generally, you’re still pretty well-behaved. Most of your tantrums revolve around food. Either because you are hungry NOW and where is the food NOW, or because E, you decided that you suddenly HATE THAT FOOD. M, you pretty much will try and enjoy anything. Both of you love trying food when we’re out. One day we let you try some fries at Little Big Burger, and of course you both loved those.


You also apparently decided that we’re not smart enough to understand you when you want more milk, and you started going to the fridge or the garage door (the milk jug is downstairs) so we’ll know to go get the milk. And you will go try to get the folded up high chairs!


We took you to a nearby buffet restaurant. You both ate a lot of new things and loved looking around at all the people! It wasn’t exactly a relaxing dinner out for us, but it was nice to have a bunch of different things to offer you right away, without preparation.

This month, with lots of gentle teaching by the nanny, you’ve gotten good at signing “please” a lot more — you’ll do it for food or milk, and also for help. Like if you want one of the hinging blocks opened, you’ll hand it to one of us and sign “please.” And for you guys, ‘please’ is a back and forth motion across your tummy, it’s pretty cute.


Here’s my next new favorite thing that you guys do: you find a book, walk over to us, turn around, and sit down in our lap! It is the CUTEST thing and I love love love it. Adorable.



You do still love reading on your own. M, your ‘reading’ has gotten very vocal lately.

One random day, E, you figured out how to look at us upside down. Little baby downward dog. So funny and cute!


You also made up a weird game where you hand me an oven mitt, which I put on, and then you bow your head so I can sort of flap the oven mitt on your hair. I don’t know. It’s really weird and I don’t get it, but you get a kick out of it.

DSC_7386_WEB.DSC_7523_WEB    DSC_7817_WEB DSC_8209-1_WEB DSC_8406-1_WEB DSC_8413-3_WEB       IMG_3733_WEB

We’re seeing more of you guys attempting to give hugs and kisses to each other. It’s so sweet. Except that often, one or both of you end up getting pushed down and then you get upset. Uh oh.


You guys are still the cutest babies, er, toddlers, in town. You’re keeping us on our toes, for sure, but you also make us laugh, and make us “awww”. We love you so much!

love, mama

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