Learning More Stuff

Apparently the babies have figured out a new skill–by themselves this time.

Yesterday I grabbed the broom to do a quick kitchen sweep. As I was sweeping, Malcolm was watching me, and then after a moment he went and grabbed the dustpan. He held it pointed on the ground and sort of banged it.


After I swept up the dirt, I let Malcolm hold the broom. And he started trying to ‘sweep’! He kind of pushed it away and back. A few minutes later, Emmett came in and wanted to play. He grabbed the broom and Malcolm played with the dustpan.


Then Malcolm got the broom and Emmett was upset, but I gave him the swiffer sweeper pole and he ‘swept’ that around the kitchen.

A few minutes later, something upset Malcolm (maybe the broom wasn’t behaving correctly) and he had the biggest tantrum I’ve seen yet. Flailing and flopping, screaming and moaning. I tried to give him a hug, no no no. Tried to give him his pacifier, no no no.

Then he started reaching for me and then after a tiny hug, reared back away. This went on for a few minutes and then I started singing Wheels on the Bus and soon he calmed down and let me snuggle him.

Phew! Quite the up and down.

I am fascinated and delighted that they have both magically picked up sweeping! I’m a little surprised, because I don’t think I sweep that often, especially not in their view. So maybe they are just observant and wanted to copy me this time. But it’s still pretty fun to see them start to play in new ways. We will definitely have to find them some toddler-sized implements, and get a second broom. One broom + two babies = trouble.

And oh boy, I am not looking forward to more of those tantrums! I know they’re coming and I know they’ll only get bigger as the months go on. Here’s to hoping that they always end in snuggles. 🙂


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