Seventeen Months Old

My dear sweet babies,


You are seventeen months old! Almost one and a half–farther and farther away from being babies.


But it continues to be fascinating and adorable to see you develop and grow in so many ways. Here are some of the fun and interesting things you did as 16 month olds.


First, with the nicer weather and longer days, we’ve been going on walks before and after dinner. It’s a lovely way to pass time while letting you explore our street. You both like going up and down curbs of various heights, and you especially love exploring the driveways of our neighbors. Even better if it’s a hilly one.


Developmental growth:

Oh my goodness, you began outgrowing 18 month clothes! Especially M. But only in onesies (which we still keep you in for ease) and jammies. So we began expanding your wardrobe a little bit–we figured we had a few more months at least!

M, it’s official. Your first word is “uh oh” (video) You love to repeat it, and you have this funny accent in the final ‘o’ sound.

You also love saying “hi” and waving. E, you also wave and smile in greeting, but don’t say hi yet.

If we say, “where are your shoes?” or “where is your pacifier?” or something, you’ll hold up their hands in the “I don’t know, where is it?” gesture. Hilarious when little toddlers do grown-up gestures!  Happily, we can also say, “Go get me your shoes” and you will!

You can also identify some body parts–you’ll point to nose, mouth/tongue, ears, head/hair, tummy, and toes!

You now go down the playground slides sitting up, instead of on your tummies, and you’re a lot better and smoother at climbing up/walking up the stairs.

Any ball is your new favorite thing. I found this nubbly ball at Target and that intrigued you. Later we found some bigger bouncy balls and you love those too. E, you are a little obsessed with soccer and soccer balls.



E, you will randomly come up to us and hug our legs. Often when we’re doing something in the kitchen or changing brother. It is the cutest thing and melts my heart! M, you like to kind of run at me and fall in for a big hug with a smile. It is also the cutest thing and melts my heart!

We had some warm weather and we set up the water table for you! Fun times!


M, you’ve had an ongoing ear infection. Again. We’ve done two rounds of antibiotics and hope that this time it heals you. You’ve been so strong and resilient–often we don’t even know that there’s any infection.

We finally got you some long-overdue haircuts at the end of this month. You both freaked out the entire time, even with one of us holding and snuggling you. Sigh.


You have many ways that you show your toddler age.

E, you have been a picky and fickle eater for a few months now. We never know if you’ll like something or not–and you’ll basically never want to try anything new. M, you are still game for trying pretty much anything. We tried giving you turkey chili (Daddy makes it in the crockpot) and by god, you both ate it! So we kept going, and E, you like it! Hallelujah!

Tantrums. Oh yes. Not usually huge ones, but if we have to take something away that you like, or we have to stop doing something that you like, you show your displeasure! Loud, annoyed crying with a yelling edge. Lots of angry stomping in place. You’ll kick and flail if we pick you up during one of these fits, and sometimes we have to try to wrestle you into a carseat like that. That is not fun.

When Daddy takes you to daycare in the mornings, you now like to walk, instead of being carried. (Mama still has to carry both of you out when we leave daycare, because otherwise one of you will just walk away in the parking lot.)

One of our favorite new things is that we see you developing empathy for one another! If you see brother is upset, you’ll get him his pacifier or lovey. Occasionally you will just swap or switch pacifiers, and don’t even seem to mind when brother yanks one out of your mouth. Also, we see you sometimes hug or pat if brother is upset.


You’ve always enjoyed reading books, but now you really want to read the same book five-plus times in a row. You walk over and turn around to sit down in our laps (CUTEST EVER), and then when the book is over, you either hand it to us again, or try to flip it back to the beginning, or just generally make a big whining noise while flailing a little bit.


You started sweeping. We got you some baby-sized versions, but no, you like the real thing the most.



You enjoy climbing up our porch Adirondack chairs, so I finally got you some baby Adirondacks, and you immediately loved them. You back your little selves up and sit in the chair like a big person. So cute! Shortly thereafter we officially retired and sold the boppies.


Since you love looking out the window, and it was getting really difficult to hold one of you up while the other got upset, we had some DIY Learning Towers made for us by a local guy. You immediately figured out how to crawl up and down, and you love being able to watch for squirrels and birds as long as you want, while we love to not have to physically hold you up.


Week 14 Mar 31-Apr 6_WEB

You discovered puddles this month. Quite by accident. But oh, what fun.



We’ve done some neat outings this month to keep us all busy. First, there was the tulips.


Then we went to a twins party at a jumping bounce house play place. M, you were a little overwhelmed (it was very crowded and noisy, so we didn’t blame you at all). E, you were very happy to sit in the main bouncy castle!


Grandma and I stopped by the Barnes and Noble kids area with you and found this awesome train table. You had so much fun playing with all the little trains and toys! We now keep that as an occasional rainy day activity so we can still get out of the house.


Finally, we taught you about Easter Eggs. We did a bunch of practice egg-hunting with you the day before Easter, figuring you were too young to get it. But you totally did! You both loved looking around and spotting an egg, and then picking it up. It took a bit to understand the putting-in-basket idea, but you got that too.


We then took you to a group egg hunt event, where there were a million plastic eggs “hiding” in a public park downtown. You totally found and gathered a few! But then…Mama walked away for a minute and M, you climbed into/fell into one of the little ponds. Poor, poor baby! I scooped you out right away, and you didn’t scream or cry, but you held on to me pretty tight with a very confused and frightened face. Happily you got over it very quickly.


You guys love playing with things around the house and can entertain yourselves very well with seemingly nothing:  BubblesFoam mat squares  / Curtains

You babies are still pretty much the best. We are loving watching you learn and grow, and we love giving and getting lots of snuggly hugs when you let us. We love you so, so much!

love, mama

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    1. Here is the real Learning Tower:

      The DIY version is a stepstool with some additional pieces added on. Here’s a random blog post showing it:

      I happened to notice a post about it on a local board and contacted the person. I’m sure there’s a local handyperson who could do it for you, if you don’t have a friend or family with power tools. 🙂

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