18 months old?!

Dear sweet babies,


Wow, this is such an interesting time. You are getting SO BIG but really, you’re still teeny tiny little people. You are growing and learning and hugging and laughing, and we love it all. Here’s the cool stuff you did as 17 month olds:


You’re growing well: Emmett: 25 pounds, 32.5 inches, and Malcolm: almost 27 pounds, 33.2 inches.


Your language has really improved/expanded this month. It’s still mostly gibberish, but you do have some consistent ‘real’ words (only your starting consonants and vowels are clear, so to an outsider, most of these ‘words’ probably don’t sound very obvious at all.):  uh oh, hi, bye, lights, all done, yeah, dog, outside, ball, shhh.  Emmett, you started saying “all done” when you don’t want to be somewhere anymore, like on the changing table. 🙂 You both love saying hi and bye to us–and you’re even starting to smile and wave hi to strangers. Sometimes. {VIDEO} {VIDEO}


You are both OBSESSED with pushing things. The umbrella stroller and the shopping cart are recent faves. It’s very serious though, like you’re doing a job. You have pushed them all the way to the playground and then all around the playground too–more than half a mile! That’s a really long way for such small dudes. You even love the baby shopping carts at Trader Joe’s, even though they’re a tad too tall for you.


Additionally, Emmett, this month, a new obsession has emerged: the ball. Any ball, but especially soccer balls. You love them! You want to watch them, hold them, throw them, carry them, you’ve even sort of tried to kick them. {VIDEO}

Of course, since you’re toddlers, you get mad when something doesn’t work or when we take something away from you. You stomp your feet, flap your arms angrily, and do things like lay down on your tummy on the ground, or run to the kitchen wall, or fling yourself onto the sofa. It’s so very dramatic and we try to be as sympathetic as we can…but it’s kind of funny. Don’t be mad. 🙂


You’ve been really hungry, all the time. Your sign for ‘eat’/’food’/’hungry’ is now to basically slap your whole hand over your mouths, and you do this over and over. If you see anyone else with food, you want it now please.


Which reminds me, this month there has been a lot less of your ‘please’ signing. I wonder why–I guess it’s our fault. What you’ve started doing instead is pointing or gesturing at something, and nodding vigorously. You see something you want, especially food, and seem to say, “YES, I want that. Yes, that. Yes, give me THAT.”


Believe it or not, you have MORE TEETH! Your canines have erupted to varying degrees!

Malcolm, you’ll give hugs on command, but only to someone who’s not asking you. So Mama can’t ask for a hug, but Daddy can say, “Can you give Mama a hug?” And you’ll get up with a smile and come over for a hug. 🙂 🙂


Malcolm, a nasty ear infection finally cleared up after a second round of antibiotics. Unfortunately you’ve now decided you dislike medicine droppers…you really liked them for awhile there. Bummer. Emmett, the same week Malcolm was pronounced clear, you had a burst eardrum from an ear infection! The doc said didn’t look bad so we didn’t need to treat it just yet, and thankfully it did clear up.


You’re tall enough and smart enough to push the microwave buttons. The ‘start’ button also is an automatic “go for 30 seconds” button, so our microwave has been getting a lot of extra use lately. We need to get better about closing the gate to the kitchen.


Emmett, you randomly invented this funny mouth noise one day–you put the back of your hand over your mouth and wave it, to make a distorted sound. So random, but funny and cute!

Malcolm, you dance a little more lately. You love hearing songs and rhythms and letting your little self move. {VIDEO}


I’m selfishly happy that you still want a lot of hugs and snuggles. Malcolm, you in particular have had several days of needing extra holding and cuddles. We happily oblige!
You also are doing a lot of spontaneous hugging and comfort for each other. Often this turns into the hugger pushing down the huggee with the force of the hug, or the hugger is generally too aggressive or lengthy with the hug, and upsets the huggee.


Sigh–you’ve figured out that you can CLIMB up your high chairs! (No pictures of this because we grab you as soon as you get up there.) You go through moments of wanting to climb everything. And it’s only going to get worse the bigger and older you get–ack!


You don’t run yet, but you can walk pretty fast. When you really get into it, one arm swings harder as if you to propel you more. You also sometimes walk or even crawl backward.


So I guess it’s not surprising that we have officially entered the Skinned Knee Years. I thought we had at least another year before that began. But your little knees have been scraped up pretty much constantly the past couple weeks. Most of the time it doesn’t seem to bother you too much, at least.


Of course you’ve been fascinated by our phones for months now. But–you’ve really been paying attention, because now you pick it up and put it your ear (well, in the general vicinity) to ‘answer’ it! Facetime with Grandma and Grandpa are extra fun (and extra difficult for us to keep you from accidentally hanging up). IMG_4651_WEB

Your auntie came to visit for a day. She loved hanging out with you, and you loved playing with her too!     DSC_1679_WEB

This month was our second Mother’s Day! I got all the best presents: a sweet handprint craft, time to sleep in, and a photo of me holding you! DSC_2490-1_WEB

Your patience is pretty short-lived when we’re in new places that you want to explore:  DSC_2499-1_WEB

Your new skills bring so much fun and fascination (and sometimes frustration) to all of us. You understand so much and are so interested in everything.  We love you SO much, and it’s a pure delight to hug you and kiss you every single day.

love, mama


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