19 Months Old

Dear Sweet Toddler Babies,DSC_6898-001_WEB

You are now 19 months old, cruising downhill toward two. But never mind that for now. You’re continuing to get more sophisticated with your knowledge and understanding about everything. It’s really entertaining to see you do so many things–we’re always in awe of how much you know!DSC_6884_WEBDSC_6891_WEB

Your grandparents visited! They had so much fun cuddling and playing with you, and you loved cuddling and playing with them too!




They got you a kid-sized basketball hoop, and you LOVE IT. Especially you, E-you are still so excited when you see a basketball–you are kind of obsessed!


DSC_4906-6_WEB (2)

M, you are a little obsessed with being on the swings. You will just zone out for like twenty minutes and refuse to get out.


A few more words this moth: You both started saying “bah-bah” for “basketball.” M, right at the end of the month, you started saying “no” and “yeah.” You also say “more.” E, you started saying “apple” (for applesauce).

DSC_6828_WEB (2)

We also went up north for your Aunty’s college graduation. While we were up there, we saw you both hug each other at the same time! (Usually only one of you wants to hug the other.) It was kind of amazing to see your little arms around each other–it made my heart want to explode! But of course it only lasted for half a second before you were off and running again. You guys also loved exploring and hanging out with more relatives, like Uncle Cam, who hadn’t seen you for a year and a half!


You try to jump. It’s super cute–you bend your knees and then pop back up, with a ta-da kind of look. {VIDEO}

You did your first berry picking! Well, technically, you came with us a couple times last summer, but didn’t do anything. We went to pick strawberries, and you figured it out quickly. You also realized that they are yummy, and ate several right after picking, dirt and all.



You’ve been loving eating more strawberries and also grapes. Also, you’re a little obsessed with the freeze-dried blueberres/raspberries from Trader Joe’s.


A recent obsession has been wearing our shoes/walking with our shoes on. It’s really adorable, and you’re actually pretty good at it! Your little feet look so tiny in our giant shoes…I can’t believe that in a few short years, your feet will also be giant. đŸ˜¦Â  {VIDEO}

And, since you are truly toddlers, you are having more tantrums. Generally for things not going the way you want, which is understandable since you can’t communicate very much or very well. Although, at this stage you don’t always seem to know what you do want…E, one day you refused to be put in your high chair and insisted on having your dinner on the floor. And since then you’ve mostly been happy only if you’re allowed to climb into your high chair by yourself, so we let you do that (with supervision, of course).


What’s super cool is that you try to comfort each other–one of you will try to rub your brother’s back, or pat his head when he’s upset.


Happily, you still want and need plenty of cuddles, and reading time on our laps, and you still run to us for hugs. I can totally forget about the tantrums when your little arms are around my neck. đŸ™‚


We love you so much!

love, mama

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