20 Months Old

DSC_9340-002_WEB Dear sweet babies,

Wow, another fun month! You continue to explore and learn and generally be interested in the world. Here’s what you did as 19-month-olds.


These are the words you know, as of this month: Mama, Dada, no, yeah, uh oh, bye-bye, hi, all done/all gone, yay, ball, basketball, bubble, light, more, outside, fish, car, eyes, nose, trash, bike, baby ( https://flic.kr/p/oaGPq1 ), apple, elbow, bunny (which really sounds like bubbee), up, Elmo, shh, wow, whee, let’s go. You also seem to say or whine, “Whyyyyy” when you’re upset and don’t want to be taken away from something fun, and we think we’ve heard you say, “Mine” too.


You can do animal sounds on cue too: caw caw, baaaa, roarr (for lion and for dinosaur), woof woof (really more like hoo hoo), ooh-ooh (for monkey)

Now that you say mama and dada, you like to ask about one of us (apparently especially with the nanny). You point upstairs and say, “mama?” Then someone might say, “She’s sleeping” and you go, “Shhh,” with your finger up to your lips (kind of inside your mouth). You’ll do the same if one of you wakes up before brother, and we say, “Brother is still in bed,” you go, “Shhh.”

That also means that when I come downstairs, one or both of you looks over at me and says, “Mama!” in this little happy voice with a smile. Makes my heart happy every time. 🙂

E, you have become the littlest litter patrol.(video: https://flic.kr/p/oaHZUH You were looking at the truck outside that has been working on the yard next door) You notice ANYTHING that might be “trash? trash? trash? trash?” until we both acknowledge and move the offending item. Maybe this means that you will be a very tidy person when you grow up! In the meantime, it’s very cute. (Except when we’re out in public, like at the playground, and there’s no trashcan. Hard to explain to you that we can’t go put it anywhere.)

One day we sang you guys Row Row Row Your Boat, and you LOVED IT. You can actually say “row row” (which is ADORABLE in your little baby voices) and you get a big smile and sometimes we do a ‘rowing’ motion (which is just clasping hands together and moving them back and forth).

You’ve gotten super interested in water play and pouring with cups (video: https://flic.kr/p/oaHYpP ). M, you can line up those little cups and pour them quite accurately from one to the other!


We let you discover escalators this month. This is an excellent free activity on afternoons when it’s too hot to play outside for long.


We had a daytrip adventure that included cherry picking! You loved picking the cherries from the trees, and putting them into your buckets. You also wanted to pick up all the cherries off the ground for your buckets.



Generally buckets are a fun thing for you; you love dumping out your wooden pegs and art flash cards, putting them into a bucket, and repeating.

We showed you this fishing toy that Grandma got for you last year. You’re finally ready to play with it, and you really like it! The ‘fish’ are made of fabric that the velcro fishing pole will ‘catch.’


Mama and Daddy finally tried and mastered the back carry in the Ergo. All four of us like it better!


At long last we allowed you on the big slide at one of the nearby playgrounds–with parental help, of course.  https://flic.kr/p/oaH13T

You started having Toddler Opinions about socks this month. We have lots of plain white socks, so it’s not surprising that you started noticing the few more colorful socks in your sock bin, and requesting to wear them! (By holding the socks up to one of us and nodding expectantly. Occasionally pointing to your foot or holding it out for us.) (This also means that–for now–it’s no longer a battle to put shoes on you. Phew!) So I found a few sets of colorful socks online, and you now have a whole array of colors, stars and stripes to choose from! Whee!


You still love being helpful. You like to help unload groceries; you can put yogurt containers away in the fridge, and E, you like to help ‘sort’ the laundry.


For a few weeks, you slept late in the mornings–til around 8, instead of 715/730. Then of course, you suddenly started waking up at 615. Mama and Daddy say No, Thank You to that. Too early! Not just for us, either; you were cranky and sleepy all morning when you woke up that early. So we’ve been attempting to tell you that it’s too early, to lay back down, and we’ll back soon to get you. We’ve also started putting a water bottle and a book in your crib with you, so that you can sip and entertain yourselves if you need to. Occasionally we’ll hear you reading a book to yourself when we’re not there–hopefully this becomes a fun, sweet habit. 🙂

You guys are seriously fun and sweet right now in general. We love playing with you and hugging you and telling you that we love you. You are so seriously CUTE and we can’t even take it.

love, mama

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