Things I Love Thursday: Rompers

On some Thursdays, I’ll share something random that I’m really liking, enjoying, or appreciating. Just a little post to share a little snippet of life right now. I’d love to know if you also like these things, and what you’re randomly into these days!

We have declared this the summer of the romper!


See, we are folks who still prefer onesies for our little toddlers, instead of tshirts. Tshirts do not stay put, and they’re baggy and boxy, and they’re just not cute. Now, a little one wobbling around in a onesie? Freaking adorable. Plus, they never move.


Unfortunately, babies this age have to wear complete outfits. With this hot weather, we’ve of course been putting them in shorts. Baby shorts are also freaking adorable. But shorts over onesies means that changing diapers is a pain.


The romper solves all of these problems! Mainly because it’s ONE item of clothing, with ONE set of snaps. No moving things up or down, diaper changes are super easy (well, easy access–wrangling a wriggling toddler is never easy), and the whole thing stays put. Plus they are super cute! Lots of adorably chubby toddler legs on display. 🙂 I imagine they’re really comfortable for the kiddos, too–seems a lot more breathable than a shorts waistband.


What are you loving this Thursday?

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