Things I Love Thursday: Family Visits (and AC!)

On some Thursdays, I’ll share something random that I’m really liking, enjoying, or appreciating. Just a little post to share a little snippet of life right now. I’d love to know if you also like these things, and what you’re randomly into these days!

Last week, we spent a couple days in Seattle. It was a short visit, but always a good adventure. The Northwest was in the middle of a heat wave, and while our house in Portland has central air, neither of my parents’ houses do. Oh man, it was really hot. The twins were quite sweaty, especially after sleeping.


But! The heat meant that I could let them run around sans clothes in the evenings! Oh my goodness, it was so adorable!



One great thing about this visit is that my little brother and sister got to see the twins and hang out with them a bit. It was wonderful to see them all bond!



But oh boy, it was so amazing to come home to our own beds and our air-conditioning! Phew!

5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: Family Visits (and AC!)

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