Scenes From Monday Night

Once again, one of the dudes got my wallet out from my purse. They did some of the same thing as the previous day, but were also talking to each other (in gibberish) and dancing and giggling together. I lay on the couch reading my kindle.


After dinner, they were hanging out in the living room. I said to one, “Chase brother! Go get him!” And it turned into a game of each of them running to one corner, then running back to me and crashing into me with a big hug. Sometimes at nearly the same time. Arms full of toddlers.


After our evening outing, Emmett saw and requested some crackers. I gave him a few, and he asked for more. I said, “No more crackers.” He could see them on the kitchen counter, though. He gave me a grin, and proceeded to the living room, where he picked up his baby chair, and brought it back to the kitchen. He put it down right under the counter, climbed up, and reached into the bag of crackers. Chewing, he looked over at me with another grin. Little turkey!

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