Things I Love Thursday: Vintage Peg Board Toy

On some Thursdays, I’ll share something random that I’m really liking, enjoying, or appreciating. Just a little post to share a little snippet of life right now. I’d love to know if you also like these things, and what you’re randomly into these days!

My mom bought me this little wooden peg board toy when I was 3 or 4. I remember it vaguely, sorting and organizing the pegs into rows. I don’t remember ever seeing any other toy like it.


Earlier this year, we were visiting my mom, and she had this out! I was excited to see it again, and excited to let my own babies play with it. It’s still in great shape!

This summer I brought it back to our house, and they were really into it. They liked taking all the pieces out and putting them back again. They also liked to throw them, and chew on them, and arrange them on the windowsill.


What I like is that it’s classic–solid wood construction, the paint is clearly high-quality and long-lasting (it’s over THIRTY YEARS OLD!), and that it’s open-minded play; there are so many things to do with it.

The only issue with this toy is that every single night, I had to go find all the pegs, which often get scattered all around the living room. And sometimes I just have to put them all in order, correctly. (That’s totally normal, right?)

Occasionally one or more will go missing, and then I try not to fret. Because it’s just a toy, but ack! If one is missing, there’s no way to replace it! So far–KNOCK ON WOOD[EN PEGS]–none have actually stayed lost.


It’s got a little stamp on the bottom that says TC Timber. I finally looked it up one day, and it’s a former brand that later became Haba–and here it is!Ā  It still exists!!

And look, here’s a fun version, with shapes! Wooden Shape Sorter


Our boys are not even two, so hopefully there’s still a couple years of play with it. Maybe this toy could even last to be played with my grandchildren. šŸ™‚ As long as we don’t lose any pieces, of course…

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    1. Yeah sorry, I have no idea if they even still make them! I was just really happily surprised that it’s been made more recently than 1983! šŸ™‚

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