25ish months old

I promised myself (and mentally promised any readers) that I wouldn’t keep doing these monthly updates. And I don’t plan to! But this past month-ish after their birthday has still been really interesting and I didn’t want to forget anything. I’m not going to take monthly photos anymore either, but will try to do the official couch pictures twice yearly.

Dear Sweet Toddlers,

It’s the end of 2014! You’re just over two years old and wow, what a ride it’s been this year. Here’s what you’ve been up to for the last six weeks.


One thing that’s really neat is that you’re developing empathy: you give kisses or hugs to characters in books who are upset! Your Auntie got you Don’t Let Pigeon Drive the Bus recently, and on the page where Pigeon goes into a rage, you lean down and go “MWAH!”, trying to comfort him. You also try to do that for each other, except the upset brother usually pushes the hugger away.


You both say things like, “No, mine!” “No–E*****” when you want to do something yourself. (Which is pretty much all the time now.) The other phrase we hear a lot is, “I dod it!” which is either “I got it” or “I do it” or “I did it.”

You can both say the final “m” of M: instead of it sounding like “ma-ma”, now it’s “ma-mam”.


You both identify each other by name but also point to each other in turn to say that you both have something: “E**** bib, M**** bib.” You also volunteer your brother for odious tasks like diaper changes. “M, do you want to get your jammies on?” “No, E****.” “E, do you want to get your jammies on?” “No, M****.”  {VIDEO}

You both are getting better at taking turns and say your own name to indicate that: “E*** turn now,” or say brother’s name after you’ve shared the toy. You also know to say “please” (which you do along with your sign for it, which is kind of rubbing your tummy) so that brother will feel like sharing. Often he won’t and someone gets upset.


There has been a lot of upset lately about bibs and sippy cups. M, you’ve become very particular about the color of these objects. You really love having the “yey-ow one.” Sometimes it’s the blue sippy cup that you want (“boo one!”) and if brother already has it…meltdown city. Sometimes, E, you’ll share your sippy cup after you’ve drunk some of the milk–you give it to brother and then pick up the other cup and continue drinking. Sneaky! 🙂 We take turns alternating the green and yellow bibs, and awhile back you started to comfort each other that the green bib has “yeyow on it”, which cracks me up.

Our night time routine has changed a bit; it’s gotten a lot longer. Now you insist on “Walk!” (but we insist on carrying you up the stairs lest you slip in your sleepsack), and when we get upstairs, first you go into our room and say, “Night night Christmas tree” and close the door. Then you close the bathroom door and the office door, and one of you usually tries to close your bedroom door (but the other one is behind you doing the same things, so we have to wait for that). We jump you into your cribs, we sing a song, we watch and then say goodnight to the animals (the projector part of your white noise machine). We give you hugs and cuddles and sing another song or two, and then put you down. Then come the “hug. hug.” demands. Sometimes it’s “mama hug” but lately it’s been all “daddy hug” meaning you only want hugs from Daddy. I try to help but you won’t take hugs from me! Poor Daddy ends up spending an extra 15-20 minutes in your room giving you both extra hugs.


Our nanny (and probably daycare too) has been helping you start learning to put clothes on and off. M, you can put on socks, and you try to put on shoes, and you can take off your hoodie. E, you still need some help.

M, you get attached to a lot of objects. Whenever we go to the grocery store (which is several times a week), you grab on to one item that you don’t want to let go of. Sometimes it’s a box of pasta, sometimes it’s a pepper. At home, you particularly love the little basketball that came with the toddler basketball hoop. You carry it around and you bring it in the car with you, and even to your crib at night! M, you say, “Daddy daddy daddy!” when you want him to pay attention to you.


This month, we took you to Zoo Lights for the first time. It was crowded and you were cranky. (So were we.) We’ll probably wait a couple years to go again. It was also your third Christmas! You’ve really enjoyed all the Christmas lights and trees and decoration–pointing them out and talking about them.


E, you in particular have been dancing a little more, and breaking into song. Sometimes the song is recognizable and sometimes it sounds like you’re just shouting gibberish. You generally accompany the singing with swaying and/or bouncing. You’re getting really good at singing the full ABCs and also counting to ten. (Often letters and numbers will be skipped and/or repeated. You are two, after all.)

You’re putting together multiple words and phrases. Last night, M said, “M**** Daddy hug right now.” It’s really neat to see your communication increase and improve so much! Every month there’s so much more to what you can do and say; it’s pretty amazing. 🙂

Big physical development recently–you started actually riding your tricycles by yourself! (Of course, you guys fight over which trike to ride. Sigh.)



You also have really gotten into jumping, on the ground. You get all hyped up and you just can’t contain your energy! I want to get one of those mini trampolines so you can jump your heart out all the time. 🙂

This month has also seen a dramatic rise in boundary-pushing. Climbing on things you’re not supposed to, touching things you’re not supposed to, standing on things you’re not supposed to…ARGH. You very obviously know you’re not supposed to be doing these things, because you always look at me with that impish grin of “LOOK WHAT I’M DOING EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO! WHEEE!” It can be really frustrating and difficult to stay calm!


Relatedly, you have sort of learned about ‘sorry’. Sometimes you’ll say, “I sorry” if prompted, and sometimes without prompting.

However, of course we still love you ever so much, and overall we’re still having a great time with you. We love you!

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