Anecdotes of Five and a Half

We took the boys to get donuts on a Sunday morning. But we waited too long and forgot to give them a snack and it got too close to lunchtime, which of course is a recipe for disaster. So they wanted to eat the donuts at the shop, but there wasn’t a place to sit and eat. We said we’ll eat them when we get home, and they whined and whined and whined and then M said, mama should leave the family forever. And of course so we kept getting irritated and finally we said, OK well you can’t have your donuts right now because you’re being too whiny.  We did eventually let them have one bite to try it, and then after dinner when it was dessert time, neither of them wanted the freaking doughnut!

They still love getting hugs. They like to pretend to be a baby, and they pretend to be a kitty or a puppy. They have a special kitty or puppy voice and a special kitty or puppy name that they use. They are very playful and they can still be very loving, and they like to say I love you and sometimes they’ll say it just out of the blue which is pretty much the best thing ever.

But…they’ll also say I don’t like you and E especially will yell NO KISSES sometimes.

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