We are Homeowners!

This week we signed the papers and got the keys! It’s official–we own a house!

For the past seven years, we’ve been in a three-bedroom, three-bath rental house in a beautiful neighborhood of Portland. It’s got a small yard, an attached two-car garage and an unfinished basement (with one finished Secret Room that is now my office.) The boys attend our neighborhood school which is a short walk down a few blocks. It’s been a wonderful house for us.

This new house is less than a mile away, so they will stay in the same school. We probably won’t walk, but we haven’t tried it yet. We’ll have FIVE bedrooms, two bathrooms, a bigger yard, an attached two car garage, and a finished basement!

The boys are very excited about the move, especially because they want their own rooms. We’ll have space for it! I’m skeptical that they’ll want to actually spend time apart.

We’ve got a list of tasks for tradesfolk to do in the next few weeks, and we’ve got a HUGE shopping and to-do list.

Not to mention packing up our entire house…

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